Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The iPhone 4G: Hit and Miss

So, two days ago Steve Jobs from Apple demonstrated the functions and capability of the new generation Apple iPhone, 4G; a prototype of which leaked months ago. Nonetheless, he wowed the crowds by bragging about the phone endlessly, which was only preceded by the bragging of the recently released iPad.

This Apple 4G boasts a beautiful slimline design. I'm so glad they got rid of the rounded back which was totally hideous. This is totally stunning. The stainless steel rim is gorgeous, although they are like infinitely late on this one- Samsung's low end Mp3 players from the early 00's had such beauty.

Better late than never though, eh? Looking past the beautiful exterior, the interior and the features of it is largely the same as the 3G- it's still a phone, has an mp3 player and camera; and the access to the millions of apps that are available...

The 4G boasts increased wifi capabilties (despite the phone failing at the demonstration! How Ironic...) and a 5MP camera...
The 4G phone's selling point is this video call feature which seems great from the demonstration, but again relies on wi-fi which seems to fail these Apple products...

Honesty, who uses video calling on their phone? When the first 3G mobile phone came out, yes, I'd assume a craze, but seriously... I don't see people video calling apart from on their computer... and that's still rare! On the downside, the recipient must have a iphone 4G as well... FAIL.

Overall, the selling point of this to me is the exterior design. I have never liked or coveted an iPhone because of its hideous curved back, but now I have no excuse. It looks stunning. Though don't expect the features to be so much different, because it isn't, and I bet by the end of the year, the announcement of an iPhone 4GS or whatever letter Apple decides to use will be made.

The handsets will be available by the end of month; 16GB costs $199 and 32GB costs $299.

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