Saturday, 19 June 2010

Eleftheria Square by Zaha Hadid Architects

As part of London's Festival of Architecture, Zaha Hadid's designs for Eleftheria Square in Nicosia, Cyprus, were exhibited at the Italian Cultural Institute. We went to have a look and were really impressed at the designs. There were a lot more images there on display and the details were phenomenal.

I love the style of Zaha Hadid and their white crisp lines and the organic curves featured in many of their designs. The use of water and light is also stunning, lifting the square into a modern social hot spot. The integration of the white and the local material also works very well in balancing out the old vs. new element.

I am sure it will look stunning complete!


  1. Each photo is different. Some photos have trees others dont. It's not very clear what is going to be in the end. More than 50 trees were cut down for the purpose of building this massive concrete ugly thing. Supposedly they will be replaced but it doesnt look like it. Stunning it might be but has anyone thought of how hot is going to be in the summer with all that concrete and not a substantial amount of trees? This architect obviously didnt use any enviromentally friendly ideas to design this. I mean take that massive white space in the middle! Where is the shade? No one can survive that in the summer for more than half a minute. This is a ridiculous design!

  2. Yes you are right.

    The old square was a true oasis, Nicosians strolling around under the trees, prams, children eating ice cream, listening to the tunes of the Cyprus Regiment Band. Come on do you really live in the city and in the 21st century?

    As for your question it will be like any other open public space in the middle of any city in the summer. Regarding the design it would be useful if you polish your sense of aesthetics.


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