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Ugly Betty Season 2 DVD Box set Review

Ugly Betty is perhaps my favourite TV Show EVER to hit the screens and thus I must get all the DVD box sets. This is Season Two.

No of discs- 5
No of Episodes- 18

The cover of the boxset sees Betty in the centre with all the other characters behind, the white background the set of Mode. It appears a more simple cover, and isn't as stylish as I'd hoped. It doesn't feature the bright colours and snazzy patterns we'd associate with Betty.

Where Season 1 left off, Season 2 gets straight back into the dramady. The opening scene of the first episode sees Betty in her own Telenovela with the Henry and Charlie baby dilemma, which in all Bettiness is a dream (nightmare) she has. Hilda hides in her room with Santos, who is assumed dead from last season's finale, later revealed to be her hallucination.

Claire escapes prison with Yoga, and is keeping a low profile, until she sees Wilhelmina on TV and plots to return to the normal world, whilst Daniel and Alexis recover from their car crash; Alexis is initially in a coma, and upon waking up, has amnesia and forgets she's a woman.

Amanda, finding out she is Fey Sommer's daughter, gets uber-stressed, and turns to munchies and becomes overweight (she miraculously slims down soon enough) but takes a stand to find the truth about her father.

The rest of the Season sees Wilhelmina plot to maintain her wedding plans with Bradford, but then the wedding goes awry; her plot gets much darker, manipulating and using anyone she can. Amanda is on the search for her father, with Gene Simmons guest starring as her potential dad. Daniel and Alexis recover from their accident and go on to run the company, but not without its problems, a constant power struggle between the siblings.

Hilda meets someone new, Marc gets a boyfriend Cliff; a relationship with becomes rocky and Christina's husband from Scotland enters the scene, trying to make things right with her and revealing a problem which makes her go to great lengths. Finally, Betty's love life is the focus of this season, with a new guy, Gio coming into the equation- who is sweet, funny and totally into her; her struggle to choose between the two guys lasting all season, with both guys forcing her to make a life changing decision in the last episode.

The finale is set on the backdrop of a Mode VS Elle softball game, with Naomi Campbell and Lindsay Lohan as guest stars. Whilst it was a good episode, the finale does not compare to the first, although the show is left again at a cliff hanger and a few plot lines provide a real shock of an end, such as what Wilhelmina does as her next plan.

Favourite Scenes:

-Amanda sings "Milkshake" during Wilhelmina and Bradford's wedding.

-Naomi Campbell and her mobile scene.

-Betty eating ice cream off Henry's chest.
-Wilhelmina slams Taxi door on Betty White.

America Ferrera- Betty Suarez
Eric Mabius- Daniel Meade
Vanessa Williams- Wilhelmina Slater
Becki Newtown- Amanda Tanen
Michael Urie- Marc St. James

Also stars: Tony Plana, Ana Ortiz, Mark Indelicato, Judith Light, Ashley Jensen, Rebecca Romijin, Christopher Gorham and Freddie Rodriguez.

Guest Starring: Gene Simmons, Naomi Campbell, Lindsay Lohan, Jayma Mays, Victoria Beckham, Betty White, Bow Wow, Christian V Siriano.

America Ferrera returns to take on the role of Betty once again. She hasn't changed much as a person from the first season, although this season

Vanessa Williams' character Wilhelmina has to be the one that develops the most this season, her evil scheming is taken to a whole new level! Again, Williams' whole persona is believable, and time, there's no niceness at all!

Freddie Rodriguez, who plays Gio, makes a memorable impression as the sweet and funny sandwich guy, who fights for Betty's love, whilst the direction for Henry (Christopher Gorham) is one that makes him annoying, indecisive and unmanly.

Marc and Amanda (Michael Urie and Becki Newton respectively) are given more developed character roles, and definitely given more screen time to shine. They both work tremendously together as Betty's Frenemies, and are immensely fun to watch.

Victoria Beckham, for her cameo, was totally snobby, obnoxious and unlikeable, whilst Naomi Campbell was hilarious in her small role playing herself.

The Second Season box set has more extra features than the first, including deleted scenes, bloopers, a look into the Suarez household and looking into telenovelas (which heavily inspires the show with its exaggerated plots and characters).

Becki Newton and Michael Urie give us a tour of Mode as well as some of the sets such as Wilhelmina's apartment and the different offices at Mode. It was interesting to see the locations; the captions are really informative and the two are so funny!

Tony Plana (Ignacio) gives us a tour of the Suarez household, joined by Mark Indelicato
(Justin). They talk about the different rooms of the house, mainly the kitchen and the living room... was a bit boring before Justin turned up.

Many of the cast talk about the character of Wilhelmina and Vanessa Williams, who plays Wilhelmina, also talk about her role; this is extremely funny and shows the diverse character of Wilhelmina and the great acting ability of Vanessa Williams.

This actually comes with two "telenovelas", snippets of which have been featured on the show- and I think this is genius. The dramatic characters and extreme plot we really see in the show as well... and this definitely makes the bonus features a real BONUS.

-I Heart Betty
People talk about the character of Betty, and mainly about her character THIS season, and a bit about her love life.

-Betty Bloops
So much more bloopers this time, and many funny ones.

-Deleted Scenes
There are again, more deleted scenes in this season's box set and some are quite relevant and I'd wish they'd included it! Others, not so much...

Overall, the extra features are more cleanly cut and the footage is less raw... and the amount of extra features compensates for all the flaws of the Season.

Having the box set, I am able to watch the show without breaks, without waiting, and I have had an Ugly Betty marathon- absolutely phenomenal- reliving every moment of the hit TV show since it first aired in 2006, and loving every moment of it.

The whole season works around Betty's love life as the main focus, which is a slight detour to her career focussed life, with the new character Gio making things more complicated and shed loads funnier. The plot surrounding Wilhelmina's evil scheme deepens by the end of the season, with her evilness written all over every episode. The hilarity and script is as good as it gets and the season finale leaves us hanging once again, although without as big a shot as the last.

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