Saturday, 30 April 2011

Robin Nest- Baby Robins 2010/2011

We've had robins in the past, and today, I discovered a new nest... with an adult robin inside incubating the eggs... so I hope to document the hatching of the eggs and the growth of the robins through photography... I'm not going to go often- do not want to disturb their natural environment... but will probably go weekly...

I will constantly update this blog post so watch this space.

14/05/10- Discovered Robin Nest. Adult Robin incubating eggs?

17/05/10- Adult robin still in the nest looking cute.

25/05/10- Adult robin in nest. I can confirm that there are currently NO eggs... but the robin is perhaps pregnant.

13/04/11- Discovered Adult robin returned to nest (hadn't seen him/herfor a while)! Flying in and out with worms- babies? :D 

26/04/11- Found three baby robins in the nest!!!

30/04/11- Two robins had gone, one left in garage fluttering away, not the strongest flyer, watched it as it left and reunited with mother and father. :D Bye bye Robins! See you again next year?

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