Saturday, 15 May 2010

"Mute" by Matthew Yip and Gareth Wrighton

We recently had an exhibition of the photographs we shot for the WWW! Project. For those of you who missed out on the exhibition at Oxford House, our work will also be exhibited at Spitalfields Market, Liverpool street for a while, so make sure you go check it out there!!

Our project is called "Mute", a project revolving the topic of animal abuse and the way it is ignored in the city. We hoped to express the isolation, pain and struggle different animals go through, be it in the fashion industry, food, neglecting pets or even entertainment such as horce racing. In no way is this a campaign or guilt trip for those who eat meat or buy fur; our project hopes to remind people of the reality of these industries; and express the pain and emotion that may be felt by the animals through photography.

We developed the compositions using lots of artistic symbolism: the tape and picket boards represent the animals' inability to speak and voice out their pain, despite their muted protests; the blood symbolises the pain, injury and physical torment whilst the emotional close-ups beckon the viewers' sympathy and perhaps evoke a yearning to help.

Most importantly, the masks that we have used ask the ultimate question: How would you feel in their shoes? If you were subjected to pain and torment but unable to voice out and protest, how would you feel? In a way, our project is a metaphor for the suppression of free speech as well as abuse, and we hope through the images we have captured, you will be inspired in one way or another.

Please feel free to leave any feedback and comments and let us know what you thought of our work! To read about our journey from the beginning and how it developed, please see:

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