Wednesday, 19 May 2010

London 2012 Olympic Games Mascots

So the Olympic Mascots for London 2012 Olympic Games were revealed today... They are called Wenlock and Mandeville- The orange one is Wenlock and the blue one Mandeville. I think they are quite cute seeing them in the short animation. . . but seeing them as costumes- they are HIDEOUS... I think they are pretty random and there is too much going on... it is trying to be too much...

For example, the head torch things are inspired by London Taxi lights... WHY? Is that the most defining thing of London?? Why does only ONE of them have friendship hands/coloured bands... when both of them should convey a friendly image?

ANYWAY, what is most confusing of all is why one is blue and one is orange..? Where did that come from- why are they aliens and why do they ride on rainbows!?

It was obvious our mascots would never beat the amazing mascots of Beijing 2008... but atleast they could've done better. I googled Olympic mascots and found the following image, which I think looks pretty cool. The animals themselves need to be refined, but the idea of one colour per mascot is genius and the pattern of the 2012 on it makes it much more bearable than seeing it on its own. . . Ah well... What do YOU think of the mascots?

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