Friday, 28 May 2010

Hotel City- Facebook Application

OK I'm not one to join any random app on Facebook, but having tried this game called Hotel City, I am now HOOKED. Produced by Playfish, who also made Restaurant City (of which I am a member and top amongst my friends), Hotel City is pretty much a very similar concept...

Build and design your hotel from scratch and level up to develop, build, extend and decorate into a Five Star business! At the moment, there isn't much to do apart from decorate the hotel and visit friends etc... but it is a promosing app.

The levelling is tedious, but you can pretty much leave it for a couple of days and let it level itself out as you can pay for a max of 48 hours worth of opening hours per visit...

Anyway, HELP ME- I can't be addicted to this now- EXAMS!!!

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