Thursday, 27 May 2010

Eurovision 2010 Second Semi Final

It's time for the second semi-final to this year's Eurovision Song Contest, and another 17 acts battle it out to win a place in the final on Saturday. Here are my thoughts as they perform:

1. Lithuania
These guys are quirky with their air guitar and their foam ones. . . Pretty funky... and would not have expected them to reveal their sparkly pants had they not previewed it last semi-final!!

2. Armenia
OK. This song is called apricot stone... and there's an actual apricot stone on stage. I'm keeping my eye on that thing- something is going to happen to it I think! Now that the man has poured water on it, I'm guessing it's going to grow? YESS! I was right... a whole blossom mechanically erects itself on stage... It's not as impressive as it could be... quite a catchy song though.

3. Israel*
He's way too happy when singing this song, the translated lyrics are quite depressing... nonetheless it's a powerful song...

4. Denmark
Wow- the screens have a pretty cool effect... and the song is quite catchy... The woman's voice is a bit too deep for my liking... but the backup singers fill in the gaps.

5. Switzerland
The introduction is catchy but the song is boring... OUT. It's "Gold rains down" not "golden shower" Paddy!!!

6. Sweden*
A simple song- she has powerful vocals... not sure about her pronunciation of "stand" which is a bit annoying... but overall not a bad song... slightly boring a performance though.

7. Azerbaijan*
I see Azerbaijan playing the "pretty girl" card here... but her vocals are pretty strong too... a power pop ballad kind of song... the singer looks like a chubby Holly Valance... HAha...

8. Ukraine
Woah... what is with the hood... it starts off really scary... the song is pretty rubbish; it does kick off halfway and gets slightly better, but not enough to rectify the horrors of the beginning!

9. The Netherlands
A cute but gimmicky "prop" in the back but the song is pretty rubbish and seriously unappealing performance. OUT.

10. Romania*
Having seen a snippet on Tuesday on their unique one of a kind piano, I have to say I am intrigued in this performance. I have to say the song is pretty catchy... although the operatic bit with the woman was a bit odd....

11. Slovenia
Within two seconds; the first few notes, I'm already siding with them going OUT. What kind of song is this... it is like a whole mash of randomness... definitely OUT. The girl is pretty! She looks like Cheryl Cole crossed with Rachel McAdams...

12. Ireland
A boring ballad... boring performance... the flute/recorder girl should go on to perform herself because that was the best part.

13. Bulgaria
WINGS AGAIN? Just sayin'! As much as I like the wings, the moment they ditched them, I knew this song was going DOWN... OUT. The fleshbaring men and women do not help at all...

14. Cyprus*
This guy with his guitar... hmm?? Reminds me of Belgium's Tom Dice who performed on Tuesday's semi-final. I guess it's just unlucky that he drew to be in this semi final, now everyone will compare him to Tom... but then again, good thing they're not in the SAME semi-final... Nonetheless, this song is also strong and pretty good... I like it, but not sure if it will get through!

15. Croatia
The girls could be Venus shaving advert models... but don't put them on the Eurovision stage! An alright song, but not good enough... compared to everything else.

16. Georgia
The song is quite good but not exciting enough... it gets better towards the end... not sure what all the dancing is all about... and the exposed torsos of her backup dancers are so unecessary- so obvious they are playing the "sex appeal" card- does not really work here...

17. Turkey
A very DIFFERENT song finishes this semi-final... doesn't really work for me... somewhat catchy song, but not my style... it might get through for its originality... what is with the crazy robotic girl at the back causing sparks... hmmm...

*songs I liked

Wow, so everyone has performed... and I have to say, most the ones I liked started the show... and there were quite a few good ones. This semi-final is definitely tougher! Anyway, the ones I think would get through are Lithuania, Armenia, Israel, Denmark, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Romania, Cyprus, Georgia and Slovenia.

The 10 that got through to the final:
1. Georgia
2. Ukraine
3. Turkey
4. Israel
5. Ireland
6. Cyprus
7. Azerbaijan
8. Romania
9. Armenia
10. Denmark

I got 7/10 right again!!

NOO... Lithuania are out! They were funky... :( Oh well...
I guess Europe didn't like their sparkly underwear. It's a pretty good line up this year, and I cannot wait for Saturday's final!!!

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