Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Eurovision 2010 First Semi Final

So it's that time of year again... and here we have the first semi final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo, Norway.

1. Moldova
An upbeat song- somewhat catchy... but got slightly annoying towards the end. I was distracted by ths their funky outfits... like their waistcoats though. :D

2. Russia
At first I was quite impressed with the emotion the singer portrayed through the song... but musically it was really annoying. . . especially at the end... and with that sketch in his hand which he threw away at the end- BAD... !

3. Estonia
What is with his English accent? It sounds really amateur and stupid... not impressed at all... which pub did he just jump out of and onto the stage! He sounds definitely drunk or worse, drugged!

4. Slovakia
Immediately having seen their outfits, they impose attention and are definitely interesting to look at. I cannot understand a word she's singing, but let's pretend she's singing about trees or elves or something. . . out of the ones so far, this isn't bad.

5. Finland
This is vaguely reminiscent of Christine Guldbrandsen's 2006 performance of Alvedansen in terms of dress and appearance... it is quirky but does itself no favours- not catchy enough, nor is it entertaining... It got annoying really quickly too. The violinist looks a bit like Helen Hunt with dark hair crossed with Paulina Poriskova.

6. Latvia
Why is this girl wearing a dressing gown? Her voice is annoying, screechy and not at all pleasing to my ears... NEXT PLEASE!

7. Serbia
I can't stop staring at his hair... He has the lower face of Sammi Cheng!! Song=crap... I can't stop thinking about Sammi Cheng seeing his face! Hahahaha!!! And the backup dancer has a bubblewrap dress = cool!

8. Bosnia and Herzegovina*
This is actually not bad compared to the others... quite catchy and dynamic... Like!

9. Poland
He has quite a nice voice, but the melody of this song isn't very appealing... it isn't the worst.. Woah... he's strangling a backup dancer! Props for some acting... but a bit strange....

10. Belgium*
A simple song... sounds nice- nothing AMAZING and doesn't sound very Eurovision... but nonetheless a nice song for outside of Eurovision. I think he needs to project his voice a bit more...

11. Malta*
A nice sounding intro- I thought her dress was on fire ... or her butt emits smoke... but her dress is nice... and the song is quite good... she is only 17? wow, well done to her! WOW, double points for a moving dress that is done by some crazy person... definitely shocked me at first- - the guy looks like skellig.

12. Albania
Don't like this- her accent is a bit annoying... and the song isn't catchy enough as that is supposed to be its only selling point. :(

13. Greece
Sounds horrible within seconds... and really stupid... cringe much! The OOMPA is such a turn off for this song.. badddd.. cringee...

14. Portugal*
A simple ballad, quite beautifully sung... nothing else much to say apart from her dress is beautiful- very regal...

15. FYR Macedonia
Quite a catchy song... did the dancers need to be so scantily clad? Makes him look like a real perv. The song is about being alone and getting over a lover, yet he has three girls all around him just dancing. . . . hmm... It sounds alright- just isn't visually appealing.

16. Belarus
The straight hair guy should not be allowed to sing alone... he sounds way better with the others.. the others are fine... this would make quite a good song... but the straight hair guy kind of ruins it. OH WOW- midway the womens' dresses pop out wings... what is this year's obsession with wings!? pretty cool though.

17. Iceland
An upbeat and catchy song... it'll prob get through for its upbeat-europop-ness... not one I like though.

*songs I liked

So now that they have all sung, its time for them to count the votes and for some interim performances... Anyway, the ones I think would get through are Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Belgium, Malta, Albania, Portugal, Belarus, Iceland.

The 10 that got through to the final:
1. Bosnia And Herzegovina
2. Moldova
3. Russia
4. Greece
5. Portugal
6. Belarus
7. Serbia (Sammi Cheng XD)
8. Belgium
9. Albania
10. Iceland

I got 7/10 corrrect- YAY... One of the ones I liked didn't get through (Malta) but the three I liked most DID get through so yay! Overall, an acceptable line up. I will be watching on Thursday to see what other the other countries bring to the table!

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  1. Nice and very detailed post about last night's Semi final. I have uploaded a video of the break graphics from last night at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfNxhPOuXG8. Very nice use of virtual reality to show the postcard on top of the crowd at the Telnor arena


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