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Eurovision 2010 Final

It's finally the final! I can't wait for it to get started!! Anyway... this year I didn't go Googling all the acts and finding out about them... but having seen the semi-finals I have a good idea of which ones I liked and will support during the show!

Apparently Azerbaijan is the favourite to win this year... last year's favourite, Norway's Alexander Rybak ACTUALLY DID win... so we will see if this is going to be the same.

These are my favourites: Portugal, Belgium, Romania, Cyprus, Israel and Azerbaijan; so hoping they will do well!!!

You can check out my thoughts on all the other acts on my recaps of the first semi final and the second semi final.

The show started with the performance by Alexander Rybak. It wasn't as good as his performance last year, nor his performance at the UK selection show. However, it WAS better than Dima Bilan's winning performance last year.

Here is the order for tonight's final... I will comment on the performances of the Big 5 (those who sponsor and last year's winner) as well as on the other performances if there's any change, for good or for worse.

1. Azerbaijan*
With the "favourite" to win starting the show, it's a pretty difficult standard to follow! She sang better in this show than the semi-final so good on her :D I love how the beat synchronises to her walking down the steps haha

2. Spain
The backing dancers are funky but the song is crap, forgettable; the whole thing is boring... OUT. NEXT. HATE. The circus theme just doesn't work for the song or the singer. . . Btw was that security dragging someone out... Oh yea- - someone invaded the stage ahhahahahhaa? XD AND~ props for the fireworks near the end...

Stage invasion at 1:11!

3. Norway*
The song sounds like something from a musical or something, and he definitely had the voice to match! Is the song from Les Mis or something? D: It's quite a boring performance; and he should be on the Norway "West End" instead of Eurovision.

4. Moldova
I didn't care much for Moldova during the semi, and don't really now, but yes the waistcoats are pretty stylish- someone get me one! Points for their outfits- not the song!

5. Cyprus*
Yes, he's Welsh. I think he's part Cypriot or he wouldn't be able to participate? Hmm... I prefer Belgium's Tom Dice and his guitar, but this is great too!! The performance isn't very interesting though... :P

6. Bosnia and Herzegovina

7. Belgium*
It's quite a boring performance, but I love the song. That "Come on Oslo" is sure to get a few more votes lol... but I'm not sure how his simple "one man" performance will fare overall... Fingers crossed?

8. Serbia
Sammi Cheng on TV!!! I just have to repost this image because I can't help but see Sammi Cheng... the song = rubbish... cool bubblewrap dresses again, but overall stupid bad performance.

9. Belarus
Again, the wings at the end = VERY COOL... sparklyyy!!! The first man who sang has a voice that didn't really match but sounded alright at the chorus... :P

10. Ireland

11. Greece

12. United Kingdom
UK!!! Well... the performance overall was better I thought apart from the last note which was a bit painful to the ears... The set was alright, nothing really special... although the sihllouette at the beginning was nice. we have NO CHANCE at winning.

13. Georgia*

14. Turkey
With a name called MANGA, they can't really go wrong... and with that woman making sparks... an alright song... not really my style. :P

15. Albania

16. Iceland
She looks a LOT like the Ireland participant... I wonder if any of the voters would get confused... nonetheless this is better than the Ireland one :D

17. Ukraine
I have to say this is kind of growing on me- its a bit scary but she has a powerful voice... if only she sang something less depressing?? And I still don't get what is with the hood and the significance of her removing it? D:

18. France
This is better than in the video snippet we saw during the semi-finals... it's quite catchy but somewhat random and the sound reminds me of something I've heard elsewhere... that thing at the end... that chant - - hmm randommmm!

19. Romania*
I like this... nothing much else to say apart from the closeup shot of the man showed a big vein on his head- like it's about to pop!! And the woman's operatic bit was done so effortlessly! :)

20. Russia
The one that got booed. That's what this song is going to go down as... I like the falling confetti... I wonder if it has to be swept up immediately after the performance for the next one? :P lol. And is the sketch the same one from the semi or did he get a new one? Hmm... they are memorable for all the wrong reasons and I'd laugh if they won.

NOTE: The interim in the green room with the fake volcano at Iceland's table made me laugh... haha I'd vote for them just for that...

21. Armenia*
She looks like Angelina Jolie from far away...

22. Germany
She sounds like Florence and the machine from the clips we've heard before at the semi-finals. ANd here, she looks like Avril Lavigne!!! It's quite a boring performance... it sounds German. I can't explain it- - it does... otherwise quite a British sounding one... LOL

23. Portugal*
Love this song... really addictive, despite sounding like a Korean TV Drama soundtrack! Hope she wins... :P

24. Israel*
I like the song, but don't think he'll win... He's way too happy to be singing those depressing lyrics! It is a powerful song... and he's got a good voice... wonder how well it will do! :P

25. Denmark
This is a really good song, but the lead woman's voice is slightly too low... it gets better later on though... Pretty catchy stuff and a good way to end all the performances tonight. OH WAIT- Spain has to perform again due to that invading man! Spare me PLEASE! A BAD way to end the night!

*songs I like

So they have all performed... Quite an array of good performances!! The three I want to win most are: Belgium, Romania and Portugal... (although the ones I've asterisked are also ones I like so wouldn't mind if they won!) I really have no idea who actually will win given I didn't check out the polls and all that... so will be a total surprise this year!

I always get nervous when the points get announced... so won't really write much when they do...
Have to add that it was nice to see Christina Metaxa (2009 Cyprus participant) and Yohanna (2009 Iceland Participant) present the points for their country!

- - -

And after all that- the winner is:

1. Germany with 246 points
2. Turkey with 170 points
3. Romania with 162 points

UK came LAST with 10 points.
Belgium was 2nd for a while then dropped near the end to (sixth place)
Portugal didn't do so well! She came 18th. :(

See full results here.

Here is the clip of Lena winning... she was really funny- she didn't seem to know what to do... and her words came out as babblejunk. XD

It was pretty obvious Germany would win quite early on!!! WOW- Germany 2011... :D

Overall, the contest was not as stunning as last year's in Russia. However, the green room decor is PHENOMENAL... Love love love the bays. And the flash mob dancing was awesome- great idea- and looked like great fun, fitting the "Share the moment" theme. :D

UPDATE: I hate that people are commenting saying Germany, as a Big 4, and a sponsor, that their win was unfair. How? People voted for her, and it can't be the jury because the Big 4 didn't win last year. So it's fine they pay for the contest and NOT win, but when they do, people call it cheating?

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