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Brian McFadden- Wall Of Soundz Album Review

Since leaving Westlife, Brian McFadden has been working on his solo career, and Wall of Soundz is his third solo studio album.

The cover of the album is a simple background of stars and some sort of cosmic image, with the album title in large and bold font. It is simple, and stylish, and reflects what the album is about- there are some real sci fi sounds in here- especially Mr Alien, but we'll get to that.

The album contains 11 tracks.

1. Just Say So (Ft. Kevin Rudolf) 4.5/5
The first song on the album, and the lead single, Just Say So is an amazingly catchy song. Despite its deliberately heavy auto tuning, it sounds good. This is an addictive song, and I couldn't help having it in my mi-i-i-i-ind!

2. Chemical Rush 3.5/5
The intro of the song sounded quite deep, but the verse sounds a bit like a Britney "Blackout era" regurgitation. The chorus definitely saves it, making it more dynamic. This will be the second single.

3. Not Now (Ft. Christian Lo Russo) 4.5/5
A quite sci-fi start to "Not Now" brings us a slightly softer verse which leads to a -short of explosive- chorus. It just misses the mark, and could be something so much more. Nonetheless, this is one of my favourite songs on the album because of the [coda] "I think you're gonna leave me, give me something to believe in if I'm gonna try... I'm Sick and tired of breathing when there's something so deceiving in your eyes" where "try" and "eyes" are elevated a tone and sung with a somewhat Scottish accent- Love it.

4. Signs Of The Times 4.5/5
A few seconds into the song, and with the beginning of the song, I immediately thought Europop, and how the chorus backed up my thought. The dance beat, with the whoa's definitely make this sound like a modern Eurovision hit. There is something about this that is addictive, although it should be cheesy.

5. Mr. Alien 5/5
The introduction has ballad written all over it, which is followed by a soft verse with a simple base beat; the chorus is less electro pop and resembles some of his past style. The bridge part has some real alien abduction music which I think detracts slightly, as it is too literal. Despite that, this is perhaps my favourite track- there is something so obscure about the themes, topics and lyrics... It also reminds me of Johanna's songs on her album "Butterflies and Elvis", both musically and lyrically.

6. Love Transfusion 3.5/5
The song is extremely upbeat and has a catchy feel to it. It does sound like 90s pop with a modern dance beat, which is pretty decent. It is enjoyable to listen to but it isn't one you can have on repeat.

7. Less Talk 3.5/5
A bland song compared to the rest. The backing beat we've heard before, and it sounds like a filler... it isn't bad by any means, but compared to the rest, isn't quite good enough.

8. Mistakes (Ft. Delta Goodrem) 4/5
I have to admit this is the track that drew my attention to the album. I am an avid Delta Goodrem fan, and her previous duets with Brian have been great. This track isn't bad and follows the genre of upbeat pop rock. The bass and electo-ness has been toned down which is good, but overall, there is something missing, despite its catchiness and it being an obvious choice as a single.

9. Kickin' Around The Love 3/5
A catchy verse is preceded by a catchy introduction, but the chorus really doesn't work. The A-woos make him sound like a horny werewolf... It is an obvious chorus as well with the tune, the sound and style.

10. Now We Only Cry 4/5
Quite a catchy and addictive song, and has quite a lot of depth and dynamics. The backing is slightly different which is a nice change, although there isn't much tonal range apart from a few wo-o-ahs throughout.

11. When You Coming Home 3.5/5
The repeated "When you're coming Home" lyric I really dislike... Plus the heavy backing beat drowns his voice throughout and by this time, we really don't need more heavy beats... the part just before the bridge/coda it is slowed down, and it really doesn't work. We need him to demonstrate his singing talent to round off the album. The song is catchy, but really nothing special.

TRACKS TO LOVE: Now, Mr Alien, Just Say So, Mistakes


The Electro Pop move Brian McFadden takes is both good and bad. Most of the songs on the album are catchy and addictive, and it is generally easy to make a catchy hit... However, using auto-tune and electrifying his voice is at times unnecessary and over the top. We know he doesn't need it, and by doing so too much, a few songs on the album sound bland and a bit repetitive. However, this a really strong third album overall.

Check out Mr Alien:

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