Thursday, 13 May 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 10 and 11 RECAP (FINALE)

So the finale is a two hour special, and in total there are eleven episodes- which is relatively few compared to previous cycles of atleast 13 episodes... but there is going to be a recap next week I think? Anyway, in the first episode, two will be eliminated.

Andre Leon Talley pop in to the apartment to talk to them... Where is Tyra? She usually does this part in the final episodes. . . Hmm... nothing really interesting, apart from the fact that Andre worked for Andy Warhole- :D 1 point to him.

The girls get jetted off to Queenstown for their photoshoot... but during their flight, they have their runway challenge, in the aisle of the aeroplane- which is pretty cool I think- it's spontaneous and fun. The winner gets to walk in the New Zealand fashion week and $2000 worth of jewellery. Alexandra did really well; but she stopped too many times, at the end she did a cute air hostess signalling... everyone else was boring... in the end, Krista wins... D: I think Alexandra should've won- she showed so much personality!

For their shoot, they drive to this beautifully scenic place- and they will be dressed in dramatic outfits and make up... They have really big hair, and classic couture gowns; they look quite Victorian actually...

Krista was first- she looked quite good, and pulled off some broken barbie doll poses; Jay constantly praised her. Alexandra looked really boyish and the hair did not help with her plus-sizedness. . . she struggled but managed to get a good shot. Raina looked the best- the most fairytale of the lot, and her shots were pretty... she didn't do edgy, and her face was the same soft pretty-happy Raina that we have seen every week. Angelea's make up was bad- there wasn't enough eye make up and her mouth was too strong... she looked like a drag queen, and she is going HOME!

At judging, Tyra was talking about how the two girls who get through will be walking in an Anna Sui fashion show, and said it was one of the "funnest" fashion shows she's done- isn't it most fun?

Anyway, Raina was up first- her shot was pretty- but her eyes are so dopey looking- really do not like. Angelea's shot looks shocked and confused- BAD!! Krista delivered another stunning shot- I LOVE this shot- it is the best one of hers to date. It looks like it is ffrom a magazine- the colours of the dress, her face, the background- stunning... and very high fashion edgy! I predict yet another FIRST CALLOUT! Alexandra's shot was better than I thought it would be, and definitely looks quite mysterious...


In the end, Krista was called first (so obvious)... followed by Raina (Hmm...) So Alexandra and Angelea- home for you!

The final two girls get helicoptered to Hurakia Lodge- a beautifully modern "house"? They will be doing their Covergirl commercial the next day. Nicole comes along in a beautiful yellow dress to explain the commercial... and chats to Krista for like 5 seconds

Raina's Covergirl print ad shoot - she looked stunning and really easy, breezy and beautiful! Krista's print ad was definitely less sweet and Covergirl than Raina's but it is strong overall...

Krista's commercial- she struggled with memorising the lines and had to go to cue cards... she looked quite good, but wasn't really as soft or sweet or flirty... the end product was good though. Raina kind of struggled- she got the lines but didn't manage to model it through- she had a few good takes :P

The next day, they go and shoot their Seventeen Magazine cover. Krista and Raina both looked stunning and did a great job!!

When the girls get back to the house- they do a shoot with Tyra and she shoots their family portrait?? I don't see the significance of this at all... but ok? The images will be used on Tyra's online magazine on I think?

So the girls go to their final runway show- and they brought back Alasia, Angelea, Alexandra and Jessica (which is kind of stupid- why do they get to do it if they're eliminated??) Nicole is going to start the show- and again we see like another 5 second clip of her talking to Krista (TALK TO RAINA!!) But Nicole looked stunning on the runway- loved the hat and the cape, which had a military finish. Her second walk was great, and her finale walk just made me smile- she's so smiley and happy hahah!

Krista and Raina both did a good job on the runway... Raina gave more variety and Krista did the same face, but her walk was generally stronger and more stompy and rhythmic.

So- - - at judging- the girls look stunning- really cool and edgy white outfits... anyway, they compare their runway walk, and basically saying Krista was better, critiquing Raina on her walk but complimenting her smile and persona.

Raina's Covergirl Shot was stunning, soft and gentle; Krista's photo was blank and quite bored- her eyes were not lit up... so Raina wins this round.

The commercial turned out well... Raina's pronunciation was much better, and has a generally more soothing voice; but her personality didn't really shine through enough- Krista probably did better here...

So... who is America's Next Top Model? I think Krista did better overall; she is great in photos, getting top callout four weeks in a row now, and she deserves to win, because she performed better overall throughout the competition... but ANTM sometimes are really cruel and give the title to the underdog... as they need this more- - I think Krista will win- if she doesn't the internet will be ablaze with comments about how she is robbed...

In the end... America's Next Top Model is...

KRISTA!! Yea... we kinda knew that already... NEXT!


  1. i don't think if krista doesn't win, they will say that she robbed. since her winning, there are a lot of comments everywhere saying raina was robbed. Krista did improve through the end, but raina deserve to win. SHe's young, great personality and her photo never bad. Krista at first produced a bunch of bad photos. And the excuse for raina to lose is not unfair. They say raina can only rock her modelling career in America while krista will shine international. Who Know? Raina now in dubai and rock there. .... Her post-antm profolio just so beautiful and elegant. And where is Krista?? we never heard of her then,.


    Look at Raina in this video. She is just gorgeous and she should have won!


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