Thursday, 6 May 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 9 Recap

So we have a whole four minutes of drama in the house- most of the girls sharing where they feel they are in the competition- then Jessica tries to make Tacos and sets the toaster on fire...

So the girls go to Hobbiton, the set for the Lord of the Rings, and is given a photo challenge, where they pose in the doorway of a Hobbit hole. . .each getting five frames only. Jessica struggled and did look really commercial- the others did a good job... and in the end, the winner was Krista, who wins $3000 worth of merchandise.

For the photoshoot, Tyra will be shooting them, and they will be doing a shadow shoot, where they have to find the light and shadows will be cast over their body, which is an interesting and simple concept. They used different blinds, tablecloths and other objects to cast the shadows, which I liked the effect of. I don't understand why they had mud in their hair- - it doesn't add to the shoot- can't they be beautiful and enshadowed!?

Alexandra did a good job, her face did look stunning, and got a lot of praise from Tyra; Jessica struggled to begin with (or we were made to believe she struggled due to editing), but by the end, it seemed like she got a good shot; Raina surprisingly did not do such a good job, she was a bit uncomfortable with her only piece of clothing- mini mini skirt; Angelea looked really soft and feminine, and didn't please Tyra until the end and finally Krista, who has been doing SO well recently, got more praise from Tyra and seemed to have a good shot, her shadow WAS the best and most defined, which will help her overall shot... BUT we shall see their final shots at panel... At this stage, I think Raina will definitely be in the bottom, but who will join her?

-Alexandra got all positive comments- her shot was quite nice, soft, but wasn't very edgy.
-Raina's shot was moody and her eyes was enshadowed which I disliked. . . Bottom two!
-Angelea's shot was nice- I like the composition and the select pattern on her face- but her eyes were not deep enough.
-Jessica's shot being in black and white really didn't help. It was interesting, but her face was lost in the shadow- Bottom two!
-Krista got amazing comments (being set up for the win?) but I didn't like that her eye is half enshadowed, and half not. First callout much!?


In the end, the first girl called was Krista, followed by Alexandra and Angelea. In the bottom two is Raina and Jessica. JESSICA WAS ELIMINATED!? D: I did think her photo was the worst, but her performance wasn't. Awww... she was my favourite this cycle- always smiley and happy and sweet...

Anyway, next week there is a two hour finale, with the first episode seeing two girls cut, and the last being the runway show...

SO I predict the final two to be KRISTA and RAINA.

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