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Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 20 Recap (SERIES FINALE)

THIS IS IT! The series finale of Ugly Betty... last ep we saw Willhemina and Claire being shot at by Tyler, so this episode began with a funeral. I was like WHAT- surely it can't be Willhemina's... and the surprise remention of Halston, Fey Sommer's dog- sadly died... and Amanda held a funeral for it in Central Park, where upon burying it hit Betty with mud... typical- but it was hilarious. And like all things Amanda, she didn't get a permit, and the whole mass of people fled.

What actually happened to Willhemina was that she is in a coma... Someone tell me this, why does she look like a hippy everytime she is in hospital!? Who actually wears that kind of clothes... anyway, she is awoken by the touch of Connor (woo!), who she really deserves to be with, and the funny part is when they embrace, her heart monitor beeps louder and faster. Nice attention to detail!

Back at Mode, Marc overhears Betty saying she took the job in London and sent a message to everyone, which made Betty nervous as she had not yet told Daniel. Anyway, Daniel appeared fine with it, and she gave him the contract release form he has to sign... only to see them being burned when she returned to get it.

Back at the hospital, Claire visits hippy looking Willhemina and offers her a cheque to say that Tyler wasn't present. Willhemina does not accept the cheque.

Marc's awesome suit, waistcoat and tie (safety pins) combo!

Claire speaks to Daniel about him having possible feelings for Betty, which may explain his actions towards her...

...whilst Betty speaks to Marc about giving Daniel a piece of her mind...

... and when they meet, Daniel says "I can't live without you"... which equated to a promotion to Editor and a raise... he does not reveal any "feelings" at this point... This just kind of made me cringe... they are obviously forcing us to believe he has feelings for her, but really, NO, they don't belong together and it's just wrong.

Willhemina is back at mode, and will be revealing what happened during the night of the shooting (she looks amazing in her outfit) and she reveals that she shot herself, to the surprise of Claire (nice cowprint), Daniel and Tyler (the only scene he appears in).

Betty does not accept Daniel's offer, and he signs her form (reluctantly?)...

Back at her apartment, Betty discovers Halston in her freezer, which caused a hilariously funny moment, of her screaming and her confrontation with Amanda becomes a sweet goodbye...

At Betty's going away party (XD Amanda's Halston scribble), Marc and Troy get back together (I assume) and Amanda sprinkles Halston's ashes everywhere... and reveals to her father her identity, which led to another hilarious moment when he yells at her, and she slaps him... "father daughter things to do"... Oh, and awesome outfit and earrings worn by Amanda.

(note: is it just me, or do they NOT have Betty crossed out with Halston on the banner in this shot!?)

A sweet goodbye from Marc, later joined by Amanda, and they do some funky dancing- oh I'm gonna miss this trio! Daniel attends the party, and urged by Claire to tell Betty his feelings, but he simple says he should let her go. He does not explicitly reveal he fancies her or anything, which is really annoying, but even if he does, she shouldn't be with him- really- not right!!

Daniel reveals to Willhemina (OH DARN, I just realised I spelt Wilhemina's name wrong throughout ALL MY RECAPS!! XD oh well...) that he is going to step down as editor in chief and she will have all of Mode. I did not see this coming- I was wondering how she was gonna conquer Mode, and there you have it- all hers! It is kind of a good thing, she deserves it, but again, kind of defeats all the evil and scheming she did in the past- all for a simple win. She is later congratulated by Marc (she wears another amazing outfit) and together they scheme to reduce Connor's sentence (not really shown)...

The Suarez's have a party for Betty's departure, and Hilda and Bobby moving to Manhattan.

Betty's arrival to London- basically just a montage of clips of her around London, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Tate Modern, Picadilly Circus... tourist locations basically... Again, I found out they filmed it a few days after they did, and I was a bit mad- cos I would've went and stalked the filming- - but to make me feel better, I would've been away in Sweden during the 3-4 April... so Meh.

She bumps into Daniel... this is the part I'm anxious about... I really don't want anything to go on between them- he does not deserve her and they really should not be a couple... Thankfully they do not do anything explicit to say they will become a couple, only that he asks her out to dinner and claims to be staying in London for a while... Betty jokes "you could be my assistant", before it pans out and finishes... with the big bold words UGLY BETTY against a backdrop of Trafalgar Square, and UGLY fades out... which is kind of subtle and sweet :D

So, no more Ugly Betty... I'm kind of alright with the ending; it wasn't explosive, or a cliffhanger (which would've made it awesome)... but I guess tying up all the loose ends would please more people... everyone got their happy ending...

Just want to add, HOW GOOD DID EVERYONE DRESS this episode? They had so many costume changes - -stunning. . .

So what did YOU think of the series finale?

Here is an interview with show creator Silvio Hortas regarding the season finale.

The Season Finale was watched by a season high of 5.4 million!


  1. oooooooow darn!I so wanted betty n matt to be reunited....but i guess its about the metamorphosis of a young,naive and inwardly attractive young woman becoming a less needy,mature (removal of her braces)and independent woman who does not need a man in her life anymore)She has made her dream through hard work and extreme committment!I really do hope that a subsequent movie is released perhaps of Bettys new life-including whether she gets married and to whom?

  2. YESS I was so shocked I didn't thiink when he was going away that it would be the end... I thought he would come back . .. but i guess not...

    Then when Gio turned up I was like YES whisk her away again PLEASE- but he was taken URGH. . . and the worse of the lot, Daniel comes at the end and expresses feelings for her? NOOOO

    I do hope something comes out, whether it is a movie, an internet short film (like mode after hours) or anything that will continue to develop the story further :D


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