Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 18 Recap

There wasn't much going on in the first ten minutes of the episode- but once Betty "jets off" to England for London Fashion Week with Hilda (for her bachelorette party) and Amanda, the story and the comedy escalates.

This England is a highly edited, bluescreened part of New York, which is a shame, it would've been great for them to actually go to UK- I would've died to go watch it being filmed- and stalked Becki Newton :P

Anyway, Betty is reunited with Christina, who is a well established designer and the episode focusses on the fun they all have in "London"!

Betty is introduced to some big-shot publishing person who offers her an opportunity to be part of one of his magazine publications as a fashion journalist and she agrees to meet with him. I thought at this point she will definitely be given an opportunity for her to rise and that she will take it~ we shall see-not the only surprise in the episode!

I thought Betty looked SOO stylish (minus the hat)- I'm a sucker for half done ties- so go Betty :D

Betty makes a itinery for the other three whilst she does some "work" which is covering fashion shows- - - Amanda stylish as always. Hilda, Christina and Amanda go on a computer generated tour of London which works, although again it would be nice if they were actually there instead of blue screening/photoshopping stock photos. Betty is given VIP treatment and that person next to her is very "Gaga" crossed with some dark gothic look.

Betty rejoins the crew for some all out fun, where they play truth and dare. Betty is dared to flash someone, and Amanda hilariously demonstrates.

Betty finally agrees to flash the stranger, only to find that this "stranger" was in fact GIO. My heart literally LEAPT out when he turned around- I was like NOOOO!! I was so excited. Gio was like the best boyfriend she EVER had, and she should've gone to Rome with him... now there would be another chance! My assumption for their reunion was spurred by him inviting her to have a romantic walk along the Thames...

... where he announces he is engaged. My heart dropped. I was again like NOOOO! Seriously, writers, stop playing with my emotions! He should be with her- :( I want them to be together... but now that he has appeared, he does some good in redirecting her career path from a comfortable job in fashion at Mode, and putting her back on track to what she cares about: owning her own magazine and writing what she wants.

I actually forgot what she wanted, and just watched the show blindly, forgetting where it is heading. I think for too long Betty just worked at Mode and didn't get anywhere, and now there is a clear redirection and reminder where she really should be heading!

Anyway, Betty realises she doesn't want to be in fashion, and does not accept the amazing fashion journalist position. I guess that's the last we'll see of Gio EVER, which is so sad, I really liked him! Hmmm... which reminds me, WHERE AND WHEN is Matt going to return?!

Anyway, on the Willhemina front, she is going to use Tyler to take over the company. She infiltrates his alchoholic support group and befriends him, manipulating him to think she is his best friend.

Daniel takes Tyler out to try to reconcile (doing what Willhemina manipulated him to do) and reveals that Hartley is his father; whilst Claire previously telling him they cannot find his father instills suspicion and rage in Tyler, who in turn seeks Willhemina's solace.

Claire looks good in her cape :D

By the end of the episode, Tyler has been manipulated to take over the company (atleast his share of Meade), which is just what Willhemina wants... well, we have two more episodes for him to do so- we shall see!

Amanda announces that she wants to pursue her stylist career for real, and she will be quitting Mode... I would be extremely sad had it not been the end of the series- the show cannot do without an Amanda! Again, an AMAZING jacket- although she wore a green one of the same style earlier this season -.-

Last shocker- Betty sent Henry a voicemail inviting him to be her date at Hilda's wedding. Henry looks extremely happy at that--- oh no.

This episode has been full of little shocks, and could be called the Re-union episode- with Henry, Gio and Christina returning to guest star. I do not like where this is going- will Henry be with Betty? PLEASE, NO.

The last episode has been filmed this week- so there is no more changing. I just hope it is good... I don't know. This episode was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me- so many shocks- I really wanted Gio to whisk Betty away- and now that he is unavailable, no other guy can do it.

Only two more episodes left- Henry will make a return probably on the last episode but whether or not she goes with him and they get together- who knows- I hope they don't but for all I know, they will (NOOO!!!!)

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