Saturday, 10 April 2010

Cute Animals: Tigers

I think Tigers are amazing and beautiful animals... They are so majestic, powerful and cute at the same time... (their cubs are anyway)... The pattern of their fur is so vibrant and rich in colour, and they seem quite cuddly as well (?) and strokable :P

Anyway, it is an atrocity that they are endangered- and because of us? How can we let such an amazing species die out? How long will it take before we take action and actually REALLY care? When there is just one left?

No guilt trip XD but just enjoy their amazingness below~


  1. I agree with you about the majestic beauty of tigers, but if you were truly concerned about their welfare and future, you would not include white tigers on your page. As beautiful as they are, they serve no purpose other than entertainment. All white tigers are the result of inbreeding from one tiger captured in the wild in 1951 and bread with his daughter to produce more white tigers. For every healthy white tiger you see, there were probably 19 that were born with deformities and health issues only to either suffer all their life or be put down. Not to mention the "unwanted" orange cubs that are accidentally born when people are trying to breed white tigers. They are often put down as well. I know you are not the enemy here and it's such a mixed blessing - such beauty but at such cost. Thanks for my moment on the soap box. Peace.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I was not aware white tigers were bred this way and really awareness needs to be made for this as many others, like me, may think they are natural and hence admire their beauty.


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