Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sweden STM 2010

So I just got back from Sweden... it was an AMAZING trip!! Basically went to join a Scandinavian Christian Camp for a few days, and then went touring for the last day... The camp was just so good~ the people were amazing and so friendly~ met some real genuine people and not only had a great time... but was able to be used and really connected to God- the worship was so powerful and the whole atmosphere was beyond words- - -

There were lots of laughs and just crazy fun- - - thanks for everyone there being so nice!!

Once the camp was over, we stayed in Stockholm an extra night to do some touring- really beautiful and fascinating city- architecture is stunning- so colourful and styled. It felt safe (unlike the UK, where you have to watch out for stabbings let alone just pickpockets!!) and you could just have a nice walk and all that. . . didn't get to buy much but got a bag of the popylar bilar sweets, and Geisha chocolates- interesting name- both super yummy!!

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