Thursday, 29 April 2010

Iron Man 2 Film Review

So I managed to see Iron Man 2 today- good thing there was Founders Day which I didn't need to attend- maybe it was a sign I should see this film? It was AWESOME...

Basically, this time around, Tony Stark is known by everyone to be Iron Man. However, he is slowly dying with the Paladium core that he is currently using to power up Iron Man. Not only that, but the US government are trying to take hold of the iron man suits, Ivan Vanko or Whiplash is trying to overthrow him and cause damage, and he is also having trouble in the romance department with long time secretary/assistant Pepper Potts.

The plot was mostly linear, with Stark trying to combat his slow death, and the villain trying to overcome him. I really enjoyed the humour that was evident throughout the film, more so at the beginning; and the action was also quickly brought in, with the introduction of Whiplash (the villain) very pronounced.

In the process, we meet Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, who infiltrates Stark industries to be an assistant/PR; who is actually undercover for the S.H.I.E.L.D association, and will help Tony along the way to kick some bad guys' butts. I was so psyched when I heard Scarlett Johansson would be cast as her... about time she was in another action film...

I really enjoyed the film, it was focussed and gave all the elements that we found from the first. The final fight scene between Iron Man and Whiplash was feeble, and could've done with atleast a few more minutes' worth. Other than that, a really strong film with lots of great humour and the ending makes us beg for more.

Speaking of the ending, it does lead us on to the upcoming Avengers film, which will include Iron man... but of course there will be Iron Man 3 on its own...

This film has a string of big names including:

Robert Downey Jr - Iron Man/ Tony Stark
Gwyneth Paltrow- Pepper Potts
Scarlett Johansson- Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff
Mickey Rourke- Whiplash/ Ivan Vanko
Don Cheadle- James Rhodes
Samuel L Jackson- Nick Fury

Also has Sam Rockwell and Paul Bettany.

So Robert Downey Jr, again, pulls off all the humour and the persona that Iron Man is... he is extremely likeable in the role and carries out the stunts and wealthy lifestyle with class and pride. Despite his age, it really doesn't show and he looks great and very convincing.

Speaking of good looks, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow added eye candy to the film, the sultry looks and seductiveness was all over the screens in every scene she was in... but not only that, she was stunning in the action sequences she was involved in... and generally just STUNNING overall...

The villain, Whiplash, played by Mickey Rourke... well, enough said. The whole persona of Mickey Rourke, the roughness, was evident in the character. He translated well and really had the villain look and act. However, he wasn't as scary as I'd like him to be. Apart from the scenes where he was Whiplash (not a lot) he was sat away behind a computer controlling the robots... although he looked the part, there wasn't enough opportunity for him to show the part.

I would highly recommend the film for all Iron Man fans, Scarlett Joahnsson Fans and those who like superhero or action films... The film carries on the style and humour we are familiar with in the first film, adding to it a string of interesting characters, worldwide locations and even more fire power. What it lacked was a deeper plot regarding the villain, and the defeat of said villain was somewhat too easy and predictable compared to the first film. Nonetheless, this sequel was a very good film thanks to the humour, the focussed plot, and of course, Scarlett Johansson.

And on that note... here she is~

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