Thursday, 29 April 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 8 Recap

So the girls go off to New Zealand... so after some crazy native dancing- - they go on their go-see challenge. So most of the girls did a good job- and Angelea went to ALL six of them- which is really good- don't think many people have managed this in top model history! Jessica and Alexandra also got back on time... However, Krista and Alasia (who both also saw six), along with Raina, were LATE, and were disqualified from the challenge. Alasia was late by 45 minutes- which is SO like her!

Jessica booked 1/4, Alexandra booked 0/4 and Angelea booked ALL six- wow- she deserves to win the challenge!!

Anyway, that rainbow they saw at the house was truly amazing- wow- its something ANTM would photoshop on one of their abroad photo segments... but wow, it is real and looking amazing.

So for their photoshoot, they are going to be modelling the same black dress with sheep- - which seems like a more classy shoot as it doesn't include any silly gimmicks (apart from the sheep) and just pure modelling... we will see!!

Alexandra looked really good on set and did really well (lots of praise from Nigel and Jay)... Jessica struggled (think she may be bottom two!), as did Alasia (she was baaaaad), Raina looked great, Angelea struggled a bit on set... Krista did really well. . . but we will see the photos at judging...

At panel, Raina and Krista got the best comments (one of them will get first callout, I predict Krista), Alexandra also got great comments, whilst Jessica and Alasia got the worst comments, so I predict them to be in the bottom two. Jessica did not bring face, and that is consistent with all her other photos, but I don't see why they didn't bring it up before!!! I predict Alasia to get the boot- if not, I will be angry!


So in the end, Krista got first callout, followed by Alexandra and Raina. The bottom two was Jessica and Alasia. AND ALASIA GOT SENT HOME- WOO!!!! No more lateless, no more crazy ranting- - -

So there are only five left!! Only a few weeks before the final :O I like Jessica and Alexandra, and really hope they can improve and kick Angelea out- - because she's annoying. Krista has really improved, she has stunning photos, so I predict her to be finalist... We will see...

1. Krista (WINNER)
2. Angelea
3. Raina
4. Jessica
5. Alexandra

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