Thursday, 22 April 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 7 Recap

Angelea just has to rub it in, calling it "killing two birds with one stone", getting her picture at No 1 and getting Brenda out the house. OUCH. Alexandra is getting a lot of screentime so I think she might go home D:

So some people come to their loft and talk to them and to show their personalities through one to one time... Pat Cleveland and some girl from MTV. They arrive at this drag bar place and well, it ISN'T interviews, its a runway challenge, where they have to show their personality.

So Krista wins the challenge, and how nice of Jessica to compliment her- she's so sweet haha!

So on the day of the shoot, Alasia is late, the girls do not wait for her and she couldn't get the elevator- which was hilarious- but they did wait for her in the Limo- DAMN- I wanted to see her not make the shoot and get eliminated!!!

For their shoot, they are going to be wearing hair... The girls are split into two: One consists of Alasia, Alexandra and Jessica; the other has Krista, Angelea, Raina and Anslee.

Jessica had great energy- and Angelea seemed to do a good job in her later shots... and Krista really did a good job- her poses and facial expressions were so strong- I think she WILL get top photo! Alexandra did NOT do well- HOME for her I think!

OK, so at judging, they were announcing they were going to New Zealand- and it was SO cringe!!! Once it was over, they finally got to judging.

I really like Jessica's shot- it was really graceful, and Krista's shot, I didn't think it was her strongest- it was good, but not great. Anslee did bad, Alasia (Leon Talley loves her for some reason! D: urgh!) although her legs were good... her arm looks amputated... Alexandra's shot was awkward and stiff- bad week for her. I think Angelea's shot looks like she's angry and is shouting and they just captured her... Raina's look good, a bit straight, but she looks good...


So after deliberation... the first girl called is Krista- WOW well done her- she DID say she was gonna get called first- so well done!! She is followed by Angelea (WHAT!!) and Raina. The bottom two were Anslee and Alexandra. In the end, Alexandra STAYS!! WOO! YES- - -

Favourite Three:
1) Jessica
2) Raina
3) Alexandra

Top Three Prediction:
1) Jessica
2) Krista
3) Angelea

The preview for the next episode shows Alasia being late to I'm guessing a Go-See challenge... and it seems like she will be eliminated- BUT as it IS a preview- she probably WON'T and someone else will- and that someone else, I'm guessing will have to be Alexandra, as she is currently weakest in the competition. I hope it isn't but- we will see!

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