Friday, 16 April 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 6 Recap

OK- so the episode starts with a FIGHT- just when we thought they would stop? Oh how wrong were we- the house is literally divided (Angelea, Krista, Brenda and Alasia against Jessica, Raina and Brenda)- and I can't see an end to the fighting unless either side are all eliminated!

For the teach, they have to find the outfit that fits their body type- and they get to raid the Seventeen magazine closet... woo? Anyway, all the girls get to keep their outfit...

In the car, another fight- - between Jessica and Alasia, as Alasia made them all late for their teach. And then a fight between Angelea and Brenda... and then back at home Raina, Brenda and Jessica talk about how the other girls might start throwing punches because they are so angry- LOL I'd like to see that!! Angelea walks in (WHAT IS UP WITH HER- she starts everything- she is in the middle of it all and then goes and talk crap about how people aren't wanting to get to know each other- - - bull.)

Anyway, Tinsley Mortimer invites them to some party- blah blah... and their challenge is to impress her with their dress, style and overall personality.

Alasia did baad (woo!)... anyway Jessica won the challenge (yay!!)

For their photoshoot, they shot on the NYC subway and had to portray different personalities- - for Covergirl.

Krista looked stunning actually... and Jessica admitted to struggling but she looked good... Alasia did terrible and Jay told to her face that he didn't have a picture to show Tyra (that was shown on the preview for this week- so obviously SHE WASN'T going to be sent home- urgh!)

SIDE NOTE: Nicole was on the show!! Woo~ great to see her in action and looking amazing :D She didn't get as much screen time as the other winners when they returned! grrr...

At Judging, I thought Jessica's photo did look a bit over the top; its the way her top kind of slews over her chest, revealing a bit too much. . . but a soft face (a bit blank)... SHE WAS GIVEN CLUB GOER as her theme- all their comments are like she looks dazed, confused- SHE'S A CLUB GOER- she's not gonna be sober is she! meh, soo... bad week for her, but she DID win the challenge, so well done her!

Krista and Angelea looked really good in their photo, as did Alexandra and Raina.

DID NOT LIKE Brenda, Anslee or Alasia's photo- Brenda got sent home, but I thought Alasia's was worse- she WASN'T given much to work with, I'd give her that... but still...

So Angelea got first call out, followed by Krista and Raina... In the end, Alasia and Brenda were in the bottom, and Brenda got eliminated...

Top Three:
1. Jessica

2. Raina

3. Alexandra

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