Thursday, 8 April 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 5 Recap

The girls get Tyra Mail and is whisked off on their teach/challenge, where they learn to connect with people of the opposite sex, obviously many campaigns feature both men and women... and the "male model" they had to practise on was Nigel! LOL~ I thought it was funny but slightly pointless- it is TV I guess... anyway, Jessica was really funny- she was a bit over the top- but LOOL...

for their challenge they posed with Ross Mathews in a window and photographed by Nigel and the most convincing one wins thousands of dollars worth of diamonds... anyway Jessica won the challenge woo!!! :D

For their photoshoot, they will be "raising awareness" for the cost of counterfeit clothing in the fashion industry... They did alot of awareness raising about 5 cycles ago, don't know why they're bringing these things back...

Anyway, Tatianna didn't do very well... Jessica did SO much and gave so much variety (hope she gets top Photo!!)... Anslee just had one face and really did not inspire... Raina did good but didn't get much screen time at all...

At panel, I don't think they chose the best picture for Alexandra, she was just standing there... Jessica's was stunning- so full of life, whilst everyone elses is just standing or something... Raina's shot was beautiful too actually! Angelea was rained with praise, but I didn't really like it... Krista looked like a doll... I know the shoot is about being fake, but no need to look like a blow up doll.


Jessica was called first! (WOOO!!!!) She was followed by Angelea and Krista. The bottom two were Tatianna and Alexandra. In the end, Tatianna got eliminated... which is fine... she wasn't amazing, she wasn't annoying... she just coasting in the middle...

Top Three:
1) Jessica
2) Raina
3) Alexandra

NOTE: I was rather surprised that there wasn't any fighting this week!! Oh wait... the preview of next week's episode is full of it... XD

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