Friday, 2 April 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 4 Recap

The start of the episode sees Brenda worry about what "transformation" she will get, as Tyra told her last panel, she needs a new look.

The girls get a Tyra Mail and they go learn about improvising, and for their challenge, they will have to improvise a Covergirl commercial which will be voice-overed, and they have to act in between the lines. The commercial will be broadcast live on Times Square.

Tatianna did a really good job and everyone was cheering and naturally she won the challenge!! She's been really quiet throughout the competition so far, so it is good she is getting SOME screen time at last!

Back at the house, ANOTHER fight occurs; this time between Alasia and Anslee. They are shouting like crazy in the kitchen, and Krista comes to break up the fight- LOL I thought she was going to join in! Ha!

For their photoshoot, the girls have to do a vampire inspired shoot, which obviously is playing on the Twilight hype. They will be wearing white lenses which will block out their vision, which I think is good (in a way)... they will have to find the light and model with their eyes and everything!

The concept is dark and cool which reminds me of a shoot from Make Me A Supermodel...

Anyway, I thought Jessica did a really good job- - - and Jay just praised every girl almost- so at this point, really don't know who will be eliminated!

The first girl called at panel was again, ALASIA!! Wow, she is really bratty, but her photo is not bad! I think it is a bit boring. She was followed by Raina. I liked Jessica's and Alexandra's. Angelea was a mess and I thought Krista looked like she was levitating in the bath-tub...

The bottom two were Anslee and Simone, and Simone got eliminated! I did not see this coming; her overall performance is good, although her picture WAS perhaps the worst this week...

So anyway, here are my top three:
1) Jessica
2) Raina
3) Alexandra

Having seen next week's previews, it appears Jessica is in trouble for coming on "too strong" for whatver challenge they are doing regarding Nigel Barker... Let's hope she doesn't get eliminated...

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