Wednesday, 28 April 2010

All I Ever Wanted: Deluxe Edition- Kelly Clarkson Album Review

Kelly Clarkson's fourth studio album All I Ever wanted is truly all WE ever wanted: Catchy, fun, addictive pop rock! It will give you hours and hours of enjoyment. I will be reviewing the DELUXE Edition.

First off though, the album cover is a darn right cheap mess. She looks slightly uncomfortable, in pain, and what is with the background? What is worse is the image of her with the lollipop! I despise the album cover and cringe at the sight of it. Compared to her other album covers, this is the WORST. But let's not judge the CD by its cover!

The Deluxe Edition CD contains sixteen tracks:

1. My Life Would Suck Without You
2. I Do Not Hook Up
3. Cry
4. Don't Let Me Stop You
5. All I Ever Wanted
6. Already Gone
7. If I Can't Have You
8. Save You
9. Whyyawannabringmedown
10. Long Shot
11. Impossible
12. Ready
13. I Want You
14. If No One Will Listen
15. Tip of my tongue (bonus track)
16. The Day We Fell Apart (bonus track)

TRACKS TO LOVE: The Day we fell apart, Long Shot, Already Gone, I Do Not Hook Up, My Life would suck without you

TRACKS TO SKIP: Whyyawannabringmedown

This album is more upbeat and electopoppy than her other albums, but most of the tracks are really strong and show off Kelly's vocals and range. Some are a bit shouty (whyyawannabringmedown) but most are extremely enjoyable, catchy and addictive.

The moment I heard "The day we fell apart", which is a bonus track on the deluxe edition, I fell in love with the song and knew I had to get the deluxe edition. I personally felt this song should be put on the main one instead of whyyawannabringmedown, which would literally complete the album... but atleast it is available AT ALL!

The Deluxe Edition also contains an additional DVD with videos and making of the album, which doesn't really interest me, as I only got this for the bonus tracks, which are amazing!

I bought the album for £5 on Ebay, which I thought was a real bargain!
If you want a smashing summer cd, this is it! Grab it at major stores, HMV, and online at and should be under £10 (I think HMV is doing 2 for £10 with this item)

This is better than My December, and is a fun, upbeat and catchy record. There are many songs that people will love on here, and getting the Deluxe Edition is so worth it, because that last track is PHENOMENAL. I would highly recommend this album to those who like upbeat pop songs at a great level.

Attached is a Youtube Video of "The Day We Fell Apart", the best song on her album!!

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