Thursday, 29 April 2010

Iron Man 2 Film Review

So I managed to see Iron Man 2 today- good thing there was Founders Day which I didn't need to attend- maybe it was a sign I should see this film? It was AWESOME...

Basically, this time around, Tony Stark is known by everyone to be Iron Man. However, he is slowly dying with the Paladium core that he is currently using to power up Iron Man. Not only that, but the US government are trying to take hold of the iron man suits, Ivan Vanko or Whiplash is trying to overthrow him and cause damage, and he is also having trouble in the romance department with long time secretary/assistant Pepper Potts.

The plot was mostly linear, with Stark trying to combat his slow death, and the villain trying to overcome him. I really enjoyed the humour that was evident throughout the film, more so at the beginning; and the action was also quickly brought in, with the introduction of Whiplash (the villain) very pronounced.

In the process, we meet Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, who infiltrates Stark industries to be an assistant/PR; who is actually undercover for the S.H.I.E.L.D association, and will help Tony along the way to kick some bad guys' butts. I was so psyched when I heard Scarlett Johansson would be cast as her... about time she was in another action film...

I really enjoyed the film, it was focussed and gave all the elements that we found from the first. The final fight scene between Iron Man and Whiplash was feeble, and could've done with atleast a few more minutes' worth. Other than that, a really strong film with lots of great humour and the ending makes us beg for more.

Speaking of the ending, it does lead us on to the upcoming Avengers film, which will include Iron man... but of course there will be Iron Man 3 on its own...

This film has a string of big names including:

Robert Downey Jr - Iron Man/ Tony Stark
Gwyneth Paltrow- Pepper Potts
Scarlett Johansson- Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff
Mickey Rourke- Whiplash/ Ivan Vanko
Don Cheadle- James Rhodes
Samuel L Jackson- Nick Fury

Also has Sam Rockwell and Paul Bettany.

So Robert Downey Jr, again, pulls off all the humour and the persona that Iron Man is... he is extremely likeable in the role and carries out the stunts and wealthy lifestyle with class and pride. Despite his age, it really doesn't show and he looks great and very convincing.

Speaking of good looks, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow added eye candy to the film, the sultry looks and seductiveness was all over the screens in every scene she was in... but not only that, she was stunning in the action sequences she was involved in... and generally just STUNNING overall...

The villain, Whiplash, played by Mickey Rourke... well, enough said. The whole persona of Mickey Rourke, the roughness, was evident in the character. He translated well and really had the villain look and act. However, he wasn't as scary as I'd like him to be. Apart from the scenes where he was Whiplash (not a lot) he was sat away behind a computer controlling the robots... although he looked the part, there wasn't enough opportunity for him to show the part.

I would highly recommend the film for all Iron Man fans, Scarlett Joahnsson Fans and those who like superhero or action films... The film carries on the style and humour we are familiar with in the first film, adding to it a string of interesting characters, worldwide locations and even more fire power. What it lacked was a deeper plot regarding the villain, and the defeat of said villain was somewhat too easy and predictable compared to the first film. Nonetheless, this sequel was a very good film thanks to the humour, the focussed plot, and of course, Scarlett Johansson.

And on that note... here she is~

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 8 Recap

So the girls go off to New Zealand... so after some crazy native dancing- - they go on their go-see challenge. So most of the girls did a good job- and Angelea went to ALL six of them- which is really good- don't think many people have managed this in top model history! Jessica and Alexandra also got back on time... However, Krista and Alasia (who both also saw six), along with Raina, were LATE, and were disqualified from the challenge. Alasia was late by 45 minutes- which is SO like her!

Jessica booked 1/4, Alexandra booked 0/4 and Angelea booked ALL six- wow- she deserves to win the challenge!!

Anyway, that rainbow they saw at the house was truly amazing- wow- its something ANTM would photoshop on one of their abroad photo segments... but wow, it is real and looking amazing.

So for their photoshoot, they are going to be modelling the same black dress with sheep- - which seems like a more classy shoot as it doesn't include any silly gimmicks (apart from the sheep) and just pure modelling... we will see!!

Alexandra looked really good on set and did really well (lots of praise from Nigel and Jay)... Jessica struggled (think she may be bottom two!), as did Alasia (she was baaaaad), Raina looked great, Angelea struggled a bit on set... Krista did really well. . . but we will see the photos at judging...

At panel, Raina and Krista got the best comments (one of them will get first callout, I predict Krista), Alexandra also got great comments, whilst Jessica and Alasia got the worst comments, so I predict them to be in the bottom two. Jessica did not bring face, and that is consistent with all her other photos, but I don't see why they didn't bring it up before!!! I predict Alasia to get the boot- if not, I will be angry!


So in the end, Krista got first callout, followed by Alexandra and Raina. The bottom two was Jessica and Alasia. AND ALASIA GOT SENT HOME- WOO!!!! No more lateless, no more crazy ranting- - -

So there are only five left!! Only a few weeks before the final :O I like Jessica and Alexandra, and really hope they can improve and kick Angelea out- - because she's annoying. Krista has really improved, she has stunning photos, so I predict her to be finalist... We will see...

1. Krista (WINNER)
2. Angelea
3. Raina
4. Jessica
5. Alexandra

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Scarlett Johansson at the Iron Man 2 Premiere

So the World premiere of Iron Man 2 took place in LA, opposed to London which was annoying- I did want to go- and the Icelandic volcanic activity disrupted the stars entering the UK! Anyway, Scarlett Johansson turned up in Armani and she looked stunning, her hair not completely blonde but a natural, textured brown.

The Iron Man franchise got SO much better (it was already awesome but) when Scarlett Johansson joined the cast as redhead Black Widow- pulling out stunts of her own... and I can't wait to see it (hopefully this Thursday!)

All I Ever Wanted: Deluxe Edition- Kelly Clarkson Album Review

Kelly Clarkson's fourth studio album All I Ever wanted is truly all WE ever wanted: Catchy, fun, addictive pop rock! It will give you hours and hours of enjoyment. I will be reviewing the DELUXE Edition.

First off though, the album cover is a darn right cheap mess. She looks slightly uncomfortable, in pain, and what is with the background? What is worse is the image of her with the lollipop! I despise the album cover and cringe at the sight of it. Compared to her other album covers, this is the WORST. But let's not judge the CD by its cover!

The Deluxe Edition CD contains sixteen tracks:

1. My Life Would Suck Without You
2. I Do Not Hook Up
3. Cry
4. Don't Let Me Stop You
5. All I Ever Wanted
6. Already Gone
7. If I Can't Have You
8. Save You
9. Whyyawannabringmedown
10. Long Shot
11. Impossible
12. Ready
13. I Want You
14. If No One Will Listen
15. Tip of my tongue (bonus track)
16. The Day We Fell Apart (bonus track)

TRACKS TO LOVE: The Day we fell apart, Long Shot, Already Gone, I Do Not Hook Up, My Life would suck without you

TRACKS TO SKIP: Whyyawannabringmedown

This album is more upbeat and electopoppy than her other albums, but most of the tracks are really strong and show off Kelly's vocals and range. Some are a bit shouty (whyyawannabringmedown) but most are extremely enjoyable, catchy and addictive.

The moment I heard "The day we fell apart", which is a bonus track on the deluxe edition, I fell in love with the song and knew I had to get the deluxe edition. I personally felt this song should be put on the main one instead of whyyawannabringmedown, which would literally complete the album... but atleast it is available AT ALL!

The Deluxe Edition also contains an additional DVD with videos and making of the album, which doesn't really interest me, as I only got this for the bonus tracks, which are amazing!

I bought the album for £5 on Ebay, which I thought was a real bargain!
If you want a smashing summer cd, this is it! Grab it at major stores, HMV, and online at and should be under £10 (I think HMV is doing 2 for £10 with this item)

This is better than My December, and is a fun, upbeat and catchy record. There are many songs that people will love on here, and getting the Deluxe Edition is so worth it, because that last track is PHENOMENAL. I would highly recommend this album to those who like upbeat pop songs at a great level.

Attached is a Youtube Video of "The Day We Fell Apart", the best song on her album!!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Cute Animals- Baby Rabbits

I love rabbits- they are like one of the cutest things in the world- and definitely the cutest pet! They are fluffballs of cuteness!! I like lionheads, they have even MORE fluff and they are just ultimately amazing as pets. They eat all sorts of funky things- including their own poop (which is really cute- they are like Nesquik Choco ball cereals LOL) and when they eat strawberries their muzzles go pink.

They are also curious and like to hop about everywhere. . . and jump in boxes and things. . . My favourite part of the rabbit is the bit behind its ears- the neck part- it is so soft :D

Go rabbits go!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Circular Walking Bookshelf by David Garcia

The circular walking bookshelf designed by architect David Garcia is an interesting idea that definitely looks stylish and modern. It is basically a circular ring that you will your books up... and you can move it by walking on it like a hamster wheel...

I think it looks much better than it works practically. You would need to fill it up completely for it to function, otherwise the books will just topple everywhere... and also the bookcase toppling itself to either side could be an issue... However, I think it would be amazingly comfortable to sit in there with a few cushions, perhaps a light installed to read books...

Check out the design...

Saturday, 24 April 2010

WWW! 2010 Photography Project Exhibition

We have finally finished the project!!
Please come and see our work publicly exhibited:
Dates: 1-15 May, Mon-Fri 9am-10pm, Sat 10am-2pm
Location: Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green, E2 6HG
Accessible via London Underground (Bethnal Green Station) and many buses operate.
Click HERE for a Map.

Read all about our project from the very beginning and follow our journey from our initial ideas all the way to the finished pieces HERE.

Henry Moore Sculptures

Currently for my art project, I'm looking at metal and ways to create a metal finish on paper... I have tried using real sheet metal- but to damage it and make it appear to rust and have weathered is quite difficult... so having been advised to look at Henry Moore, I have, and the sculptures he created are really cool. They are mostly heavily stylised to abstract, and the shapes and forms are extremely interesting.

I am, however, looking at the surface of the metal, and the way that nature and weather has interacted with it causing it to look the way it is. I definitely think it would not be as interesting had the surface not been weathered and rusted... so I shall try and take inspiration from his work to recreate some similar looking surfaces...

Exam in three weeks! Ahh!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

3D TV- The New HD

Today, the first 3D TV goes on sale, made by Samsung, with the Sky 3D box announced and coming this autumn. Having seen all big films being made into 3D and the rumours of 3D Next gen gaming consoles, it does appear that this is where technology will be going- in another dimension.

I have to say though, I don't see people dishing out on this techonlogy anytime soon, which means they won't get much revenue, which means the upgrades and the peripherals, DVDS, Media and other things will be slow. I think it is important that they have a wide range of DVDS, Channels and other systems to support the TV so that it isn't limiting in any way. However, it needs the money, and right now, I doubt people will buy immediately. The TV set only supplies two 3D Glasses, and each additional pair will cost £60! Firstly, that is way too expensive! Secondly, it is slightly annoying having glasses to wear at all for general TV viewing.

I think it will be a great experience if you have a good sound system, and also a set that does not require glasses- that is where 3D television should aim to achieve. Plus, you'll need to have a room dark enough to create a cinematic experience.

Overall, at just under £1,800, without many 3D movies on DVD, and no 3D channels, the television set is only providing better quality of the HD channels and Blu-ray DVDS. I will definitely advise people to wait until there is a large range of media compatible with the TV sets.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 7 Recap

Angelea just has to rub it in, calling it "killing two birds with one stone", getting her picture at No 1 and getting Brenda out the house. OUCH. Alexandra is getting a lot of screentime so I think she might go home D:

So some people come to their loft and talk to them and to show their personalities through one to one time... Pat Cleveland and some girl from MTV. They arrive at this drag bar place and well, it ISN'T interviews, its a runway challenge, where they have to show their personality.

So Krista wins the challenge, and how nice of Jessica to compliment her- she's so sweet haha!

So on the day of the shoot, Alasia is late, the girls do not wait for her and she couldn't get the elevator- which was hilarious- but they did wait for her in the Limo- DAMN- I wanted to see her not make the shoot and get eliminated!!!

For their shoot, they are going to be wearing hair... The girls are split into two: One consists of Alasia, Alexandra and Jessica; the other has Krista, Angelea, Raina and Anslee.

Jessica had great energy- and Angelea seemed to do a good job in her later shots... and Krista really did a good job- her poses and facial expressions were so strong- I think she WILL get top photo! Alexandra did NOT do well- HOME for her I think!

OK, so at judging, they were announcing they were going to New Zealand- and it was SO cringe!!! Once it was over, they finally got to judging.

I really like Jessica's shot- it was really graceful, and Krista's shot, I didn't think it was her strongest- it was good, but not great. Anslee did bad, Alasia (Leon Talley loves her for some reason! D: urgh!) although her legs were good... her arm looks amputated... Alexandra's shot was awkward and stiff- bad week for her. I think Angelea's shot looks like she's angry and is shouting and they just captured her... Raina's look good, a bit straight, but she looks good...


So after deliberation... the first girl called is Krista- WOW well done her- she DID say she was gonna get called first- so well done!! She is followed by Angelea (WHAT!!) and Raina. The bottom two were Anslee and Alexandra. In the end, Alexandra STAYS!! WOO! YES- - -

Favourite Three:
1) Jessica
2) Raina
3) Alexandra

Top Three Prediction:
1) Jessica
2) Krista
3) Angelea

The preview for the next episode shows Alasia being late to I'm guessing a Go-See challenge... and it seems like she will be eliminated- BUT as it IS a preview- she probably WON'T and someone else will- and that someone else, I'm guessing will have to be Alexandra, as she is currently weakest in the competition. I hope it isn't but- we will see!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

In Pictures: Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic Eruption, Iceland 2010

The volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland have been causing traffic chaos for many, leaving them stranded abroad and unable to get home. . . but before you get annoyed at your misfortune (let's face it- a prolonged holiday- you'll be screaming for joy!), take a look at the phenomenal images taken of the volcano and the ash of the eruption.

I think the images capturing the Northern Lights with the eruption is stunning- the array of colour just looks so good, and then we also have lightning formed due to the ash clouds, which again create a naturally beautiful image, and lastly, just the smoke itself, the ash, the tones, the shapes. . . stunning photography- which we are really blessed to be able to witness!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Natural History Museum, London

The Natural History Museum is definitely one of my favourite places- as it contains some of the most beautiful things you will ever see.

The Natural History Museum is located in South Kensington, near the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) as well as the Science Museum, and can very easily be accessed via the South Kensington underground station which is on the Picadilly, District and Circle Line. The Museum is signposted so you can walk there from the station through the short subway.

The building is unmissable as it is so large and beautiful. The architecture is stunning, and so stoic.

Walking through the main entrance, you will be security checked for sharp objects etc, but once you walk past, you will be faced with a large diplodocus skeleton. Here, the museum is split into different zones- Orange, Blue and Green zones. The red zone can be accessed past the green zone.

There is also a side entrance to the museum which will have less visitors coming through this way, so may be quicker... and it leads directly into the Red Zone.

*Blue- Dinosaurs, Mammals, Human Biology
This is perhaps one of my favourite parts- especially the mammals section. It has almost every animal stuffed and on display, and you can really get up close and see the displays and be able to admire the wonderful variation of animals on Earth...

The Human Biology is interesting and interactive, and there is a giant embryo/zygote, but it doesn't interest me as much as the other exhibits.

The Dinosaur exhibit always attracts a large crowd, and the fossils they have as well as the skeletons are really impressive, and you can walk around and on a metal walkway which is cool. There is also a surprise at the end- - - so be sure to beat the crowd.

*Green- contains stuffed bird specimens, creepy crawlies, marine fossils, minerals etc.
I really like the birds section as well, because there are so many specimens, all so beautiful and really attractive. They also have on display different body parts of birds, features and compares size and shape etc. so it is quite educational if you have the time to read.

The creepy crawlies is good- their live ant farm is pretty cool! This is also quite an interactive exhibition, so I would highly recommend.

Along the corridor between these two exhibits is a whole display of marine fossils, which are impressive, but not very lively or interactive.

On the upper levels, which can be accessed via the grand staircase linked to the main hall, is an area on primates, and evolutionary ancestors etc. but at the top (where the good stuff is) is a room full of minerals, and at the end, the vault, housing some of the most amazing rocks you will ever see. The thing that is most impressive is the collection of diamonds called aurora, which "glow in the dark".

*Red- mainly geology, rocks and minerals, as well as geographical concepts such as weathering, wave power and other interactive points.

I really like the rocks section here, and taking the long escalator through the giant metal Earth- that's really cool. This part is also very interactive which is awesome :D

*Orange- Wildlife Garden, Darwin Centre
I've not actually been to the wildlife garden, although on the other side, the butterfly garden is awesome. Also, I've not managed to visit the new Darwin centre yet- but really hope to the next time!

Also, they have paid exhibitions- past exhibitions include Diamonds. They also have an annual wildlife photography exhibition, as well as the ice rink.

The Natural History Museum is truly a stunning place. The architecture itself is mesmerising, but what's kept inside is even more so. The large number of exhibits mean that you can spend a whole day here, and the things you will see, from beautiful diamonds to stuffed bird specimens- the museum covers a wide range of areas and topics- and by the end of the day, you will be amazed at what you saw and really see the beauty of the Earth- and hopefully have learnt something new as well.

Every time I go to the museum I see something new, and it amazes me. The best part is, it is free- so there's no reason why you shouldn't go!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Cute Animals- Kittens

People love kittens for some reason... out of all the animals, most people will think kittens are cute... there are so many kitten videos on Youtube- them licking their owner or staring at the camera with their big round eyes and meowing... I'll admit to having swooned over a few- - and having typed "kittens" into Google Images, I am also quite convinced these little fluffballs can be sooo cu-u-te!!

I did have to filter through six or seven pages to get these- so its not like there aren't any ugly kittens... are there any ugly kittens? I don't know- someone show me one. Please?


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