Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 17 Recap

This episode was highly anticipated as Betty was getting her braces off... everyone knew that. What they didn't know was how this episode would be carried out, and I have to say, it contained every aspect I love about Ugly Betty, rendering this episode one of my favourites of the season!

So, the episode started off with Betty on a high and excited about removing her braces, to the extent that her family even said goodbye to them!!!

At the orthodontist, she was just about to have them removed for her work photo ID day when the fire alarm went off... Coincidence? I think not! her photographs came out awful and Marc did a little photoshopping to produce an Un-betty and unnatural photo for her ID.

Mode is doing a cover shoot with a million dollar bra, and as Betty goes to set, the is stopped by security as her ID does not match, and her braces set the sensors off... She forced her way through and upon seeing her friend, shouting her nickname A-bomb sent security flying at her, and she fell to the ground, previously wishing she was born with perfect teeth.

In TRUE Betty style, Betty enters a virtual/parallel reality where she WAS born with perfect teeth but with adverse consequences. First up, she looked AMAZING- - - The orthodontist walks out and proclaims to be the "tooth fairy"... ok- slightly crazy, but it's Ugly Betty.

Her home she thought she lived in, she did not... instead this ghetto family lived here, and threatened to get the baseball bat.. LOL

Betty and family lived HERE... now what happened? Hilda and Ignacio walk out... and Hilda is FAT. Tooth fairy woman explains: "There can only be one beautiful sister" XD. Notice Ignacio's earring- he's like mafia lol! Hilda shows Betty an old year book in which she wins prom queen.

Now we know this world is all messed up... and obviously NOT reality... we wonder what else is wrong and how will she get back? She goes to Mode to be welcomes by Marc + adopted baby, who is now receptionist...

... whilst Amanda is Betty's Bestie (they bitch about Marc LOL) and is also married to Daniel.

Betty, having perfect teeth, is not hired as Daniel's assistant, but Willhemina's... and in a matter of minutes, we see a range of different looks by Betty, which all work well. :D

There are SO much other wrong things that exist in this parallel world. Not only does Daniel hate Betty, but so does Claire, and their verbal exchange was hilarious, especially what Betty said:"I'm a vampire, but it's too early to feast on you and get drunk" or something to that effect. Justin also was NOT born due to Hilda's ugliness and she is marrying the local butcher instead of Bobby.

In this parallel world, they are still on the same page, and Betty in her parellel world persona, has been scheming with Willhemina to take over the company. As real world Betty, she tries to help Daniel by securing the million dollar bra, which was otherwise overscheduled. Parallel world Willhemina, sensing her betrayal, took the bra... and a Betty/Willhemina confrontation ended with Betty again jumped on by guards and sent back to the real world with a wish that she was normal again.

Sent plummeting back to the real world where we left off, she is quick to try and secure the shoot, requesting the help of A-bomb (this time without the heavy security), only to find that the bra has again gone missing. Betty sees Willhemina walking off arrogantly like before, and catches her to expose her... only to find Willhemina did NOT have the bra... and again in true Betty style, stepping frantically backwards and turning around, her braces get caught on the bra!

Betty saves the day by being allowed to use the bra for a shoot, and the onyl way to remove her is to cut her braces off!! So this is the scene- I did not expect- to be infront of everyone... but finally, it is gone... once and for all!

Like I said before, this episode had a bit of everything we love about Ugly Betty, so let's not forget about the fashion... they managed to get a snippet of the shoot of the $1,000,000 bra, which added greatly to the episode to tie it up.

Speaking of fashion, Amanda again wore stunning clothing, although she wore this throughout- I would've thought she'd have more costume changes... anyway, Amanda basically is seeing Tyler, and she told Daniel she wants to pursue something serious with him... Tyler seeing them in a friendly embrace gets jealous, and Amanda calls it off, telling him to sort out his brother issues with Daniel.

Ending the episode, Willhemina approaches Tyler, and from this anyone can guess that they will somehow enravel into an evil scheme... just how innocent Tyler will be used by Willhemina is anyone's guess...

A happy ending for Betty where her family has prepared a feast for her with all the foods people with braces find difficult eating... I have to point out that she should NOT be eating those foods, her braces only JUST came off, and she needs to wear a retainer, and that her teeth are too sensitive to masticate any of that!! Tut tut... but again, it's UGLY BETTY, screw realism!

Ending the episode was in fact Austin's return, seeking Justin out... which I guess is a precursor for the focus of the next episode...

I cannot wait to find out what happens. Only three episodes left! I am excited and sad about it ending- I wonder how!!!

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