Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 16 Recap

The episode started with a jaw-droppingly stylish ensemble from Marc and Willhemina- probably their BEST combo to date! and upon seeing Betty "styled up" and not looking hideous, Willhemina faints. Preceding her downfall Marc says: "You swore you would die before calling a Suarez" stylish or something... anyway... she has some sort of perforated ulcer and is bed-ridden in hospital, her dress sense is just thrown out the window...

Amanda looking awesome as ever... and ANOTHER outfit.

Willhemina's doctor warned Marc and Amanda when they went to visit to stop Willhemina from working or she would never get better, and they go in and plot to drug Willhemina into a sleep... Firstly, notice Amanda's AMAZING hair...

Two seconds after Willhemina fell asleep she bounced right up like a Zombie and it was hilarious both Amanda and Marc jumped... not only was the squeal coming out of Amanda's mouth so funny (in a weird way), she also said: "I peed a little"... I could NOT stop laughing.. FUNNIEST scene in the episode!

Betty goes to Justin's acting class, where her teacher is "mental" and her dress up an obvious mockery of Betty... not deliberately, but I can't remember what she was calling it... but Betty entered after she took everything off... and introduced the guest Speaker, Zachary.

Betty immediately has a crush on him and decides to write an article for Mode Magazine on him, but on their first meeting, they end up kissing... Seriously Betty. WAKE UP. How many flings do you need to have before you finally realise, HEY, that guy I went out with last was the right one! REMEMBER MATT?

Anyway Zach admits to being a dork when he was young and gave her his orthodontist's card. Betty suggests on keeping their relationship low-profile as to keep it professional, only to find at his premiere; he said he was going with his mother with; he was in fact attending with a "beautiful" actress or something... she was just tall. :P He explains that he really likes her and that the girl is only for appearances sake, and Betty punches him. I don't think she's EVER punched anyone- so WOW... GO BETTY!

On the Justin front; last episode he revealed he fancied a girl from his acting class called Lily... and to cut a long story short, his other friend Austin also "fancies" her... In a scene for his acting debut, he has to kiss Lily, which he does well... but he caught Austin and Lily kissing afterwards backstage...

He stands on stage "upset-looking", Austin comes and says how he thought Justin would be better for her and the like, they end up "flirting and kissing"... The kiss-scene was quite predictable and ended with Justin pushing Austin away. Austin apologises and leaves, wish a sad and forlorn Justin looking in his wake. I have to admit the Lily-Austin love triangle did fool me for a second... but, obviously Justin is gay, but will it be Austin..(?!) as he left the acting class...

One of the last Willhemina scenes of the episode, where she is back in form, she declares taking over Mode is not enough, she strives for MEADE. She wants ALL OF IT! Whilst this spurred a spark of excitement, I quickly realised there is only FIVE episodes left- for potentially a whole season's worth of scheming and action.

Willhemina did become too nice mid season 2 and season 3, and now in the last five eps, her sudden switch of gear to accelerate her plans will perhaps bring the show the much needed wicked witch it lacked for the past two seasons.

The episode really focussed on Betty and Justin, and propels Betty with her brace-removing procedure, which was mentioned numerous times this episode, with a hint at the end that the next episode will be IT. The person this episode most featured and developed was Justin as he finds himself.

I really wish they would end the show with a BANG... and Willhemina is sure to provide it. With Claire and Tyler whisked to Paris to visit Alexis, I dare say I am predicting a BIG Ugly Betty reunion... perhaps the last episode will feature many of the characters that have left... but what I do know, Christina will be back for the series finale.

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