Thursday, 11 March 2010

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 15 Recap

After a month of waiting, Ugly Betty Season 4 resumes with the final six episodes! The episode started with the Suarez family moving into Betty's apartment whilst they sort out their insurance claims... and trouble stirs with them interfering with her work. Within five minutes, there is already a Lady Gaga reference, as Betty is given an assignment and they will use her for a cover... apparently.

On the other side, Willhemina is wearing a cool hat, and bumps into an old flame who Willhemina still has feelings for... I really don't understand! How can she just give Connor up!!

The whole Suarez family thinks they set the house on fire, as Ignacio confides in Amanda. This scene was hilarious solely on what Amanda says...

whilst Justin confides in Marc, and Hilda! She accuses Bobbie's family of burning her house down!

Betty presents her ideas to Willhemina and "Lady Gaga's people", but clicking on her Lady Gaga file, unleases a hilarious Justin remake of the Bad Romance Video... this was really really funny, and just so spontaneous... it was predictable that something would go wrong, but THIS... this is classic!

Betty is fed up of her family in her apartment and want to get them out, but runs into her dad having a shower... The expressions on Betty and Hilda's face is soo funny! Hilda invites herself and Bobbie's family to Betty's apartment for dinner to try to settle things.

Betty goes to the fire station to try and speed up her insurance claim, only to find she is at the bottom of the list. A fireman is interested in her and has these corny jokes... it was slightly annoying, but he had a smile inducing face.

Marc shows Betty what a fireman stud is and they exchange a funny conversation... with Betty taking a mean stab at Marc!

Willhemina calls her old flame and asks him out on a date, as he remembers the old Wanda, and is a regular joe... Willhemina tries her best to persuade him she is still "Wanda" with Marc's help!

Betty decides to go on the date with fireman whose name i forgot, and ends up bumping into Willhemina... and they end up on the same table... sensing Willhemina being "too nice", Betty takes advantage of the situation to manipulate Willhemina and gets her back her Gaga assignment.

After a toilet meet with Willhemina (which was hilarious as well), Betty makes an excuse to leave with fireman whilst Willhemina reveals she is a b****, yet you can see what happens at the end.

At the Betty apartment sparks turn into blaze as the opposing families take stabs at each other... and it doesn't end well.. Betty and Justin return. The whole Suarez family takes turns to admit they set the house on fire, when fireman X comes in to reveal it was a curling iron... all fingers point at Hilda, until Betty recalls it was HER that used it on the day of the blaze!

After his parents leave, Bobbie proposes to Hilda... wooo!!! This was rumoured on the net, so wasn't much of a surprise, but YAY!!! I hope Hilda's fiance doesn't get shot in a convenient store this time!

On the Daniel Claire Tyler front, Fashion Buzz reports that Tyler is Claire's lover and Daniel is angry, and all is revealed. Daniel is still angry and seeks Amanda's solace, but she rejected him for Tyler... more fire to spread!

Quite a lot happened in this episode, and leaves things at an open end... almost anything can happen, and I can foresee a lot of new introductions and things tying up... hopefully they do it well... I'm currently unconvinced... but each episode is still hilarious!

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