Monday, 22 March 2010

Timesplitters Future Perfect Game Review

Timesplitters is a first person shooter game, and Future Perfect is the third game in the series, released in 2005.

The design of the box is dynamic, and features the lead character Sgt. Cortez through a time portal in a matrix style position. The title and the theming keep very well to the series, and is easily recognisable by long term fans. However, it has appeared to appeal to an older audience with the graphics looking much more clinical, photographic and less animated and cartoon like. Whilst this may be the case for the box, game play is very much reminiscent of the first game.

The game contains a range of modes, such as Story Mode, Arcade, Challenges and Map maker.

The Story Mode contains 13 levels ranging in difficulty, and can be played on Easy, Normal and Hard, as well as two players. The levels increase in length and difficulty, and I have found that the early levels are too easy and short, whilst the end levels are much longer and harder, and the difficulty sharply increases, opposed to a gradual increase. Nonetheless, the game overall is not too difficult to complete on two players. I personally suck at first person shooters, so on my own, I do not get very far!

On Arcade, you can fully customise the options, and play in a range of modes- Death match, Team Death match, Capture the Bag, Bag Tag, Vampire, Virus, Shrink and others. My favourite is the classic death match and team death match where you just hunt other people down and kill them; Capture the Bag and Bag Tag is fun, but sometimes lacks excitement and involves lots of running; Virus is very fun, you have to run away from the virus stricken people; and shrink is fun but sometimes annoying, as the losers are smallest which gets quite tedious. The fact that the Arcade Mode maps and modes are unlocked from the beginning makes it SO much better, and less of a hassle so that you can plunge right into playing without battling through story mode to unlock them.

Challenges are like mini-games and adds to the game play in a more laid back way, as well as offering the chance to unlock cheats and characters. The mini-games are varied and include racing and bowling style games, as well as some funky Mario-Party styled ones as well. Unfortunately these can only be played on one-player, which is a shame, as it would've been much more fun to play with someone else!!

The mode that is the most diverse is perhaps Map Maker, also the mode that makes this game have its high replay value. Here, players can make their own maps and play in Story and Arcade Mode. Maps are easy to make and consists of premade rooms, corridors and traps, which players will have to place on a grid. I have spent ages in here perfecting my map, and this mode provides hours of game play. There is also great fulfilment in seeing your map being played on, and that it works!

What keeps you addicted in the game is that there is an awards chart with different awards, such as most frantic and most manic (which I have got) etc, which you can obtain by doing things in Arcade Mode... These are fun and interesting, but is only a record opposed to an essential part of game play.

The controls are quite easy, and include the use of the joystick and trigger buttons to shoot. These are also customisable in the options settings, as some people like inverse look, whilst others don't.

The learning curve for controls is not too bad, but I have never been good at first person shooters, and get frantic when there is an enemy shooting at me, and my aiming goes out the window! I guess I need more practice!

The game is strong, and another good game for the series that is consistent and maintains many of the qualities found in the old ones. The addition of challenges makes the game more intense and has a longer life. The story mode is enjoyable and of good length, whilst Map maker is back and gives the game real longevity and replay value. I have really enjoyed the game, and think it's great!

This is a game for those who like First person shooters in a sci-fi fantasy like environment.

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