Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sylvanian Families

Is it just me or are Sylvanian families utterly adorable? They are basically toys for children which is effectively a doll house but with cute furry miniature animals!

Sylvanian Families are just that- a family, and you get the mother, father, and babies as well, which are smaller, cuter versions of the adult animals! What's more you can dress them up in small mini clothes XD... but whats most exciting is the vast range of furniture, housing, transport and decor that they can have!

You can literally create a whole Sylvanian Family town with different animals having neighbours and decorate their houses and so on... The attention to detail is fantastic and makes a MUCH more appealing toy for children than dolls' houses- they are actually SO scary!

More than anything, they are cute cute cute!!

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