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Riot- Paramore- Album Review

Riot is the second album by Paramore and was released in 2007, and has gained double platinum status. Having heard Brand New Eyes first, then All We Know Is falling, I didn't know what to expect from this.

The album cover is a simple, effective cover with Riot! written all over it in black and one in red. I think this is definitely a much nicer cover to their first- it is much more intriguing and rocky. . .?

The album contains 11 tracks.

1. For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic 4.5/5
The album starts off with an exciting and addictive song which reminds us all why we love Paramore. This is a guitar heavy song with a great beat... and an amazing start to the album.

2. That's What You Get 4.5/5
The second song is an upbeat and exciting song which reminds me of "Whoa" from the previous album, and really puts you in an upbeat mood... one of my favourite songs on the album.

3. Hallelujah 4/5
This song shows off Hayley's vocals whilst maintaining an upbeat and exciting song. It is yet another great song on the album; this one is slightly different and has a different tone, yet the consistency in their style is maintained.

4. Misery Business 5/5
The intro to this song misled me into thinking this would be a ba-a-ad song... but the guitar backing quickly rectified my presumption, and unveiled perhaps the best song on the album... but that intro! WHY!

5. When It Rains 3.5/5
A slightly more dull verse which does not provide much uplift in the chorus, and is rather flat and does not excite. There is a great backing beat though.

6. Let The Flames Begin 5/5
This song is extremely upbeat, and another favourite. It is slightly shouty but emotive.

7. Miracle 4/5
Another strong track with all the Paramore aspects you'd expect. Again, as with the previous album, it starts to feel the same, yet the songs are different... This is a good track nonetheless, and I especially like the bridge part.

8. Crushcrushcrush 3.5/5
This track is slightly darker than the other tracks, yet there is something addictive about it... not as fond as the chorus as the verse, and some parts remind me of Amy Studt's Paper Made Men album...

9. We Are Broken 4.5/5
We are nearing the end of the album, and this song is much softer than anything else we have heard from Paramore. It is a great song, and I only wish they had slot this in the middle, so we get a slight break from all the upbeat guitar heavy tracks.

10. Fences 5/5
This song is addictive, up tempo and really catchy!! It is slightly pop and is different to the typical style... which makes this song stand out and I love it!

11. Born for This 4/5
The last song on the album has a heavy guitar beat and the song is good, but not amazing... Nonetheless a great end to an awesome album!!!

TRACKS TO LOVE: That's What You Get, Misery Business, Let The Flames Begin, Fences
TRACKS TO SKIP: These aren't necessarily BAD, but just isn't as good as the rest~ When It Rains

I wasn't sure what to expect from this, as I wasn't really feeling their first album having first heard Brand New Eyes. This album, Riot, is a real gem, with a majority of tracks really upbeat with great guitarring, a strong beat and good vocals. I love many of the songs such as Fences and Misery Business, but 90% of the songs on here are really good and I can listen to them non-stop!!

I would highly recommend this album as well as their third album, Brand New Eyes, if you like rock/ pop rock/ alternative rock.

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