Friday, 12 March 2010

Lady Gaga - Telephone Official Music Video

Lady Gaga's highly anticipated music video for telephone saw its world premiere yesterday in America, and received amazing reviews. Personally, having now seen the video, there are goods and bads...

Firstly, the effort Lady Gaga puts into her videos is highly commendable and I really like the fact that it shows. She does something new everytime and never fails to shock and surprise, which moves us nicely onto the themes...

There is graphic violence, nudity and mass murder to name a few! These themes are nicely woven together in the video, and the storyline is really good... but there are parts of it which are very forced.

Humourously, the guard says "I told you she didn't have a dick". The dialogue was mostly forced, and Beyonce, oh, Beyonce, she overacts and is overall very mechanical and unnatural. Seeing her in a more "Gaga-ed" outfit, she just doesn't work it and make it her own~ cringe!

The fashion in the video is stunning, and I really have to praise "The House of Gaga" for their creativity. The cigarette glasses, the telephone hat... everything is original and VERY GAGA!

Finally, there is immense product placement to the point where it becomes intrusive. Coke, Virgin Mobile and that dating website (to name a few) were too "in your face" and obvious. The subtlety is just not considered!

Oh, and the music? There was hardly any of it... A verse stuck here, and chorus stuck there... Beyonce's cringe vocals jammed there...

Overall, the video is definitely darker than Paparazzi, but perhaps also a step too far. With the ending prominently revealing "To be continued", we can expect a third installment to this Gaga craze.

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