Monday, 8 March 2010

Lady Gaga In General

Lady Gaga is an American singer who is taking the world by storm not only with her music but also with her fashion sense, as well as a rumour that she is a hermaphrodite; all of which contribute to her current fame!

Firstly, her music is generally of the dance pop genre with a few ballads, although she performs many of her dance hits acoustically. Many of these songs are catchy, upbeat and addictive, for example Poker Face, Just Dance, Paparazzi, Love Game, The Fame, Telephone, Bad Romance. The list goes on. Unarguably, she releases hit after hit after hit, proven by record sales, a record number of digital downloads and Youtube hits.

That is all and well but the lyrics she sings about is quite sexual! Almost every song has a sexual innuendo or reference, and as fun as it is to spot them and laugh, it gets to a point where you wonder if there is anything deeper, as her songs reveal a shallow, materialistic and sexual nature that not everyone can associate with. Yes, the world has become a money loving, fame searching world, and perhaps she's just being real but really, EVERY song?

Lady Gaga claims to be this new, unique singer on the music scene, but her music really ISN'T new. We've had dance before. We've had upbeat songs before. What she DOES bring that is new is perhaps her themes (which I've already discussed may not be for all) and her outfits.

This leads me on to talk about her fashion sense, which is as much a hype as her music. People who don't know her musically will surely have seen some image of her in an outrageous outfit~ Kermit the frog, Bubbles, Lace... she is almost always seen in a different outfit that is outrageous and have Gaga written all over it. I think that it is great to be unique and original in terms of fashion, and she does inspire creativity and originality, but at times she appears to be attention seeking, and really goes beyond the bar of edginess to the area of clothing madness! However, it is Gaga, and where someone else may fall into the abyss of a wardrobe malfunction, she is rescued by her name and reputation for such beautiful disasters.

Apart from music and fashion, Lady Gaga is also known as a celebrity. Initially, rumours of her being a hermaphrodite spread around the internet like mad. She is obviously female. Moving on... She isn't the "Lindsay Lohan" or "Paris Hilton" of Celeb Buzz, but she does fuel the Paparazzi and the media feed on her. In her videos, there are also obvious Satanic symbols which many internet geek people controverse by claiming she is part of the Illuminati (Don't know enough about this to comment)... but anyone can see that all this publicity is just boosting her on any Celeb-Meter and making her more well known~ none of which will do her any harm!

More recently, controversy sparked on her tour with tour prices doubling on the dates in which she returns to the UK from £30 to up to £75, mainly due to the initial under pricing of the tour tickets. Personally, I think the initial pricing was at fault, and really no one is right. Fans need to accept the fact that the current tour cost millions to revamp, as well as the underpriced tickets of the first leg meaning prices will sour; plus, Gaga's fame is to be fed on further so after some initial disappointment, LIVE WITH IT!

To sum up, I think Lady Gaga has great talent musically, despite her channelling it all into this dance-pop-sex-driven genre. I personally would like to see her more acoustically and singing perhaps about more meaningful things. We all know she can make a hit, but we want to see her develop and mature, so hopefully her next album will have slightly more depth! Her fashion sense is outrageous but she does inspire, which I think is great. She promotes originality and uniqueness despite overdoing it sometimes, and really she has to stop relying on her fashion to get publicity, her hermaphroditeness and apparent satanic links does that for her! Finally, I'd love to see her on tour, but the new price is slightly mad, and it is such a shame that there is such outrage, because it's just a simple rule of supply and demand.

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