Friday, 12 March 2010

BBC: Eurovision- Your Country Needs You 2010

Tonight, the UK decided who they will send to Eurovision, and out of the three finalists, only two of them really stood out to me. I didn't care for any of them actually, but these two would've been acceptable to represent and I'm glad one of them got it!

Anyway, firstly... six acts performed tonight, two groups, two solo males and two solo females. The groups flopped BAD, whilst the solos did alright... everyone was good looking so cannot fault them on that, but vocally, only one of them stood out and that was Esma. The other girl, Karen, I missed her performance (sorry, was watching The perfect Score on Film 4... Scarlett Johansson <3)>

Anyway, the three acts that got through were Esma, Alexis and Josh. Upon singing Pete Waterman's song "That sounds good to me", WAIT. Yes, Pete Waterman has churned out hits in the past, but this song sounds outdated, and really doesn't inspire, and is cheesy in a bad way... BOO!!!! This song just ISN'T Eurovision, and wouldn't even be a HIT if it was released generally to any singer! I doubt any singer would even take this!

First up was Alexis, who struggled with the high notes and failed to make an impact with the low ones. It's not his fault. He has a good voice; he just isn't experienced enough, but in time, I'm sure he'll do well if he seeks a musical career.

Next up was Esma. I wanted her to win. I was so sure. She had the European sassy diva thing going on, reminding me of previous Eurovision successes such as Sirusho and Kalomira. I really liked her voice towards the end of the chorus a kind of huskiness...Then she goes and forgets her lyrics. She's only 17, yes, but she's also representing the UK, and she CANNOT forget the lyrics! So I was pretty sure she is NOT going to win, unless she gets the sympathy votes, and for being memorable (in a bad way).

Finally, it was Josh. I was certain he WASN'T going to win due to his previous lack-lustre performance, but he wowed us with this one. The song suited his voice the best, and he could do the highs and the lows, as well as making it his own. There is a really British feel to his voice, maybe it is his accent or something... but out of all three, the song was best for him, and I'm glad he won, because he was the best, although in a way feel sorry for him, because it's not him, it's the song that will bring him down.

Overall, We will NOT win this year, and definitely won't do as well as last year, but it is better than some of the things sent forward by other countries so far!

Oh, and we had the Sugababes perform their new single "Wear My Kiss" which is catchy, but jacked Ke$ha's Tik Tok; and really don't like any of them apart from Jade, who really should've just took her solo career!! And also Alexander Rybak who performed "Fairytale" which was strong and convincing :D


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