Thursday, 25 March 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 3 Recap

After some initial house footage which was boring, they get a Tyra Mail... The girls get on a bus and Toccara from Cycle 3 comes on, where she tests the girls on their fashion knowledge. The winners will get to go on a Go-see to Bluefly headquarters and basically the one who impresses them the most will get to be featured in a spring/summer collection of and also get $2500 to spend! Raina being called first last panel gets to go on the go-see without participating in the challenge.

The winning team was Simone, Alexandra, Jessica, Krista, Angelea and Raina. Angelea was a MESS... but the overall winner was Simone. The losers have to help do inventory...

Ren is really annoying me with her moaning- if she doesn't want to be here, then LEAVE. But more drama in the house between Anslee and Brenda- SERIOUSLY this cycle has the most fighting and it is between EVERYONE...

Anyway, the girls go to their shoot which is inspired by dance, portraying different genres.

Anslee- rhythmic dancing
Jessica- salsa
Tatianna- tap
Angelea- moshing
Ren- disco
Alexandra- break dancing
Raina- jazz
Brenda- african
Krista- ballet
Alasia- interpretive dance
Simone- hip hop

At panel, Krista, Angelea and Alasia got great feedback... Jessica's was great apart from her face- it was really flat... None of the images really stood out, but I do agree that Alasia did really well, her film was stunning... The image they picked for Alasia though I felt was the LEAST interpretive dancing - her film showed her do some really edgy stuff- but I guess the picture was most modelesque.

Tyra actually asked Ren if she wanted to stay, and she said she did. All the girls gave a weird look to each other...


In the end, Alasia got first callout (which she deserved), then Angelea then Jessica (WOO! I thought Krista would be called next, but yay!)... The bottom two were Ren and Brenda, and Ren revealed she did not want to stay, and only did it to make her mother love her- and Ren got eliminated.

Top Three:
1) Jessica
2) Raina
3) Alexandra

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