Thursday, 18 March 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 2 Recap

So last episode left off where the girls had to do a nude shoot, and this episode started with just that... the girls had to fight for A piece of clothing to do their shoot in... and immediately afterwards it was judging, where one girl was eliminated.


Jessica was called first at panel, followed by Angelea... There's too many girls to begin with, and really many just sit in the middle, not bad enough to be eliminated, but three girls did really bad, which were Krista (HATE), Alasia and Gabrielle...

Alasia and Gabrielle was in the bottom two, and I was quite shocked, because I really don't like Krista, but in the end Gabrielle was eliminated, because Andre Leon Talley liked Alasia's photo!!! I personally think Gabrielle has WAY more potential, but both are b****es so doesn't matter. ONE down, another like 4 left...

After elimination, the girls went back to the house and the girls doubt Naduah's story, and think she might be lying about her past... really irrelevant stuff. Ren gets annoyed with the other girls, especially Alasia...

The girls get Tyra Mail and they go to their runway teach. They learn how to take off their outerwear whilst walking, and then get sent to do it at a busy crossing just in the middle of the road, and have to keep their timing, as they have to walk across and road and back before the light changes!

Then the girls go to their runway challenge. The runway has swinging pendulums and the girls have to walk with perfect timing... I think that is an AWESOME challenge... !!! It sounds really exciting... and indeed it was!

GIRLS that got HIT:

GIRLS nearly got HIT:
-Krista nearly got hit and wavered, and did BAD (WOO!)
-Jessica NEARLY got hit... but had fun with it

-Ren (but had to stop to avoid being hit)

-Alexandra fell walking down the steps! THEN as she was walking back from the end of the runway, she got HIT as well and fell off!!!

Anyway, Brenda won the challenge...

Back at the house, Ren tells Alasia to shut up and Alasia goes mental- seriously immature... and Ren questions whether she wants to stay.

The girls go for their photoshoot the next day and they're doing a beauty shot with a fragrance and the elements... Some girls did well, whilst Ren and Naduah struggled.

At panel, most the girls' images looked HORRIBLE compared to their footage... apart from Raina's- hers was gorgeous!

The first girl called is RAINA! WOO! The bottom two were Ren and Naduah... and Naduah was eliminated!! I really don't understand how they are choosing these!! They are eliminating all the girls with potential!! Ren DOESN'T EVEN WANT TO BE THERE- at that I am most outraged.

This episode saw two eliminations... which was intense- it was like two episodes in one (YAY)... don't think this will continue though... nonetheless a VERY exciting episode- so much happened, and sad to see Naduah go...

I'm glad my initial predictions were good, and will be sticking with Raina and Jessica... but it's difficult to find a replacement for Naduah- she was edgy and REALLY thought she would go far! Anyway, Alexandra, because she made a big impression and she's quite likeable... we'll see...

My Top Three:
1) Raina
2) Jessica
3) Alexandra (she is really likeable!)

Bottom Three (The Biatches):
1) Krista
2) Alasia
3) Angelea

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