Friday, 12 March 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 1 Recap

Yesterday saw the return of America's Next Top Model and it is at its 14th cycle!! Let's just jump straight in and say that Tyra looks really good, and her perfect teeth were really distracting! And then there was her "theme" for the audition, which was like a social network page and the contestants had to "update" their profile with their photo and walk... cringe...

Anyway, after all the cattyness amongst the group, many were thrown out, but many still remain... and in the group of fourteen, there are still a great deal of egotistical b****es, namely Brenda, Alasia, Angelea and Gabrielle. Nida, a Pakistani girl, didn't get through, which was a shame because she was really pretty! This cycle saw Tyra hand pick one of the contestants, Ren, who did not go through the same audition process as the other girls, and joined them afterwards.

I think my favourite has to be Naduah. She appears really genuine and has a really modelesque face and is the most interesting so far.

Within seconds of entering the house, they already started a fight with multiple people... urgh... and they received the Tyra mail to go to their photoshoot which would be a nude shoot... and the credits roll...

Overall, it was an interesting audition, with a few interesting girls, but the same old same old returns, and is now starting to get repetitive. The appearance of Perez Hilton did NOT help in the slightest. I await to see what these girls bring. Whats for sure is that there will be drama.

My Top Three:
1) Jessica
2) Raina
3) Naduah

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