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All We Know Is Falling- Paramore - Album Review

All We Know Is Falling is Paramore's debut album which was released in 2005. I only got into Paramore with their third album, Brand New Eyes, and found this album rather disappointing.

The album cover is interesting and features a bright red couch in the middle of nowhere- I guess it reflects their album title... although I would not pick it up based on the image, and now having listened to the songs, perhaps I shouldn't have picked it up at all!

The album has ten tracks as follows:

1. All We Know 4/5
The song starts off with a great backing beat and rhythm, and is an exciting track which sets the style of Paramore which is to be found in their next two albums. This is a great start for the album, but I grew tired of this song quite quickly.

2. Pressure 4/5
Another strong song that is slightly more upbeat than "All We Know". This is one of my favourite songs from the album, but wouldn't rank very high on favourite songs of all time...

3. Emergency 3.5/5
The verse is a bit too shouty for me, but there is a nice beat to the song throughout and the chorus is good... Already I cannot tell which song is which- they start to sound really similar... nonetheless the track is listenable, just not an amazing one.

4. Brighter 3.5/5
Whilst the song throughout has great potential and has everything I love in a pop rock song, the vocals are drowned by the instrumental and is too strong and forceful.

5. Here We Go Again 4.5/5
The best song of the album comes exactly at the halfway point of the album. This track is addictive and has real longevity and a great vibe. The beat and the guitars are still present, just not overpowering.

6. Never Let This Go 3/5
I was misled by the intro- I thought this would be just as good as the previous track, but how wrong was I. It's not by any means BAD, but comparably it doesn't inspire. However, this song is one of the more lyrically good ones...

7. Whoa 4/5
An exciting song that is slightly different, but still guitar heavy. What makes this song great is its catchy chorus; it is slightly more mainstream and upbeat. This is another addictive track.

8. Conspiracy 3.5/5
By now, I am a bit tired of the songs all sounding the same, and it is very similar to everything else- beat wise, rhythm wise... On its own as a single, great, but part of this already repetitive album, just doesn't do anything for me.

9. Franklin 2.5/5
At last, literally, we are given something a bit softer. Too Little Too Late, I say. And when they give change, there is too much change, and the song as a whole is rather flat. It still vaguely has a Paramore style, but it doesn't excite, and doesn't have the power that other songs in their genre have.

10. My Heart 3.5/5 (without listening to the bridge; that brings it down to 2/5)
The album ends with a track that has a great intro, which gives way to another flatly sung verse- and whilst the chorus redeems the song slightly, it is still rather uninspiring... By the bridge, I was really scared I thought she was possessed- the backing was really rough and it definitely sounded demonic and scary!!!

TRACKS TO LOVE: Pressure, Here We Go Again, Whoa
TRACKS TO SKIP: Franklin, My Heart; listening to the album too much would make you skip all of it as they all sound very similar!

The album overall has a few gems (Here We Go Again, Whoa), and everything else is good, but too much the same. Had they been musically different, it would've given the album more variety. I still can't tell between the songs based on their intros as they are so similar!

The whole album is guitar heavy, which is great for pop rock lovers like me, but at times a bit too much overpowers the song, and doesn't work. I get a bit of a headache listening to the album on repeat!

The album started off really great, then it all sounded the same; there was a slight uplift from "Here We Go Again", and then it went on a steep decline into blandness, ending the album with the lead singer sounding possessed...

I would recommend this to those who like alternative rock/ pop rock, but for those who have not heard of Paramore, and would like to test drive them, I highly recommend their third album, Brand New Eyes, instead.

For a debut album, it is pretty good, but compared to their third, Brand New Eyes, this is amateur.

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