Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Victoria Beckham's Fall 2010 Collection

I've never been a fan of Victoria Beckham and I don't think I EVER will, but some of her designs for her Fall 2010 Collection ARE quite decent! The simplicity of the designs and the use of fabric causing shadows and the way it is shaped is commendable. There is also a variety of sharp cuts, and softer more rounded shapes.

You can see that many of these are inspired from Victoria's personal style and image, including her stick thin figure, but that aside, these simple, yet elegant dresses show she does have SOME potential outside her floppy music career.


  1. I think these are a bit poor, I could've probably designed similar things! They're no different to designs already seen on the high street.

  2. I think they're slightly better than high street.. i mean they are made "ready to wear"...


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