Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 14 Recap


The start of the show was once again a hilarious montage; this episode seeing Betty and Amanda dress up for work... as expected, Amanda's footage is more glamourous and sexy, whilst Betty's is just Betty, with a scene of her eating a bagel slotted in the middle, which MADE this segment.

Funny thing is, both wore the same red (tunic/dress) thing and you can see who styled it better!

Amanda, after having nothing to wear for a party, found that Helen is a mean lean sewing machine~ and convinces her to start a fashion line!!! I think this is sheer awesome... as Amanda has such good taste!

Betty is given a dingy segment for fashion week, and had to cover a small show, but manages to discover a great designer, Marissa, and convinces Marc to pitch it to Willhemina together...

Marc teaches Betty what to do when they are pitching, and NOT to look her in the eyes or the knees... XD This was one of the funniest parts in the episode.

Amanda wants Betty to pitch HER portfolio of designs... with Marc being ever so subtle at the back... making Betty reject Amanda for him.

At the pitch meeting, Willhemina said yes to the suggestion of Betty's designer, but Marc takes all the credit, which Betty gets mad about, as well as having to turn down Amanda on his behalf... Marc goes and tells Amanda the truth...

Marissa goes to Betty's house to finalise her six looks... Amanda came to apologise to Betty... but A FIRE STARTED IN THE SUAREZ HOUSEHOLD!!! D: Note, this is the edgiest, best styled outfit in the whole season of Ugly Betty Season 4 so far... Seriously, that military jacket is HOT!

Unfortunately (?) nothing BIG happened, only that Hilda's salon got destroyed... the rest of the house is pretty intact... I was expecting something bigger, like a death or something, but it is mid season... it would've made a dramatic season finale though!!

Anyway, as predicted, Marissa's dresses got destroyed, but thanks to Amanda's help, they managed to salvage and restyle the dresses for a much edgier look fit for fashion week!!!

Claire's adopted son, Tyler, came to find her at Mode, but she was away, and was roped by Willhemina into modelling for a fashion show, against Daniel (who later quit anyway), but started a bit of a feud... but at the end, they finally met, and who knows what this can bring up for future episodes... but one thing is for certain, there will be drama!

At the end, we find out naughty Justin has been smoking, which is probably what set the fire off!!! Tut tut tut... Justin gone bad... has he?

Only six episodes left to finish the series... how will it all end? Tune in next week!

UPDATE: The next episode will air March 10th 2010... which is a couple of weeks' wait... grrrr why!!!!

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