Thursday, 4 February 2010


I just found out that Ugly Betty is cancelled. It was announced on 27th January, and episodes for this season has been reduced from 22 to 20. I am utterly distraught. The show's move to Wednesday nights gave it hope to survive, and I really wanted it to. Of course, we cannot drag the show on and on, but to cancel it at this stage, mid season, does not give the show enough time to produce an ending that will give the show justice. There are only 7 episodes left and thats it!!

I think it is an utter mistake, and that they should definitely keep it on air until Season 5, and declare that this will be the last season. Not only will this allow the producers to create an acceptable ending, it also prepares fans for the close and series finale.

Having read some interviews online, and what the producer Silvio Horta has leaked to being part of the remaining episodes, I am most uninspired.


- Betty will get her braces removed
acceptable series finale

Definitely NOT! He has been so intrusive and broke her heart and after season 2, we just all hated him! Bring GIO back if anything!

- Justin is gay?
I thought he said he wasn't... to make him gay would complicate things, and just unknot a tied end!

Anyway, I think Betty should best stay single, but if not, bring Gio or Matt back! There are currently SO many unfinished plot lines that 7 episodes cannot tie up:

- Claire's son
- Willhemina and Connor
- Betty's love life
- Amanda's future / Dad search (gone cold!)
- Marc and (Troy)
- Hilda and Bobby

I have been keeping up with the ratings, and definitely do not think it is doing the worst! It still has 4 million + viewers, which is MUCH more than Gossip Girl and many other shows. It is doing consistently well in my opinion, and attached are the ratings (taken from Wikipedia) for you to see:

Episode # Title Airdate Rating Share 18–49 sss Viewers (m) Rank Rank (timeslot) (viewers)
66 "The Butterfly Effect (Part 1)" October 16, 2009 3.1 6 1.3 5.01 TBA 3
67 "The Butterfly Effect (Part 2)" October 16, 2009 3.2 6 1.4 5.18 TBA 4
68 "Blue On Blue" October 23, 2009 3.0 5 1.2 4.55 TBA 3
69 "The Weiner, The Bun, and The Boob" October 30, 2009 3.0 5 1.2 4.50 TBA 3
70 "Plus None" November 7, 2009 3.2 6 1.3 4.76 TBA 3
71 "Backseat Betty" November 13, 2009 3.0 5 1.3 4.46 TBA 3
72 "Level (7) With Me" November 27, 2009 2.3 4 0.9 3.39 TBA 4
73 "The Bahamas Triangle" December 4, 2009 2.9 5 1.2 4.23 TBA 3
74 "Be-Shure" December 11, 2009 3.3 6 1.4 4.80 TBA 2
75 "The Passion of The Betty" January 6, 2010 3.5 5 1.8 5.13 TBA 2
76 "Back In Her Place" January 13, 2010 TBA 4 1.7 4.67 TBA 2
77 "Blackout!" January 20, 2010 3.2 6 1.6 4.59 TBA 2

I am beyond shocked. It is such a shame it will have to end like this... only 7 episodes left... I shall have to treasure every moment. I really don't think the show can end WELL in the amount of episodes left, but hopefully, it will atleast be satisfactory.

What do you think?


  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ABOUT JUSTIN NOT BEING GAY?!If you recall correctly, when Justin said he wasn't gay and stormed off, everyone looked at each other awkwardly. Justin is obviously hiding his sexuality and my stating he isn't gay, we see that he is ashamed of it and wishes he were straight. You realize he had a crush on his male classmate in a past season right? Ummm... if you thought he was straight, that's really funny but also really sad.

  2. Yes, I agree with all those statements, atleast they will resolve it at last.


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