Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rachael Lampa- Human EP Album

Rachael Lampa is a Dove Award Winning Christian Singer. This is her sixth album (EP album), after a few years out of the business.

The cover is a close up shot of Rachael herself, and is nice and unsaturated, almost to monotone. Having bought this from her web store, it is hand signed and the way she does her R's are amazing.


1) Human Intro
A very short intro which softly precedes the rest of this EP. It is unsubstantial and you really wouldn't listen to this on its own...

2) Loving You 5/5
The song starts of very upbeat and simple, but immediately catchy. This is a much more mainstream track, and slightly typical. However, the lyrics are meaningful and personal to Rachael, and there is passion in her voice.

3) Mr Somebody Else 3/5
There is a strong backing beat to the song, but it doesn't really develop too much until the chorus, which becomes a much more familiar sound. It is quite catchy, but in no way a match for what we have heard before, and what we will hear later.

4) Avalanche 5/5
This song is simply the best on the album. It starts off soft but grows into a strong and powerful song, which shows off Rachael's voice at her best. The song is simply addictive and I'm having it on repeat. I bought this album after hearing this song only.

5) All The Way Down 4/5
This is a nice song with a nice backbeat, catchiness and so on. However, it does not stand out compared to Avalanche. I like this song as it is upbeat, but again, is slightly typical of a pop song with not enough edge.

6) Close To The Sun 4.5/5
The song starts off quite upbeat, but there is some quirkiness in the tempo which makes the song very interesting, and definitely the edginess it needs. It has an intriguing verse but the chorus lacks this quirkiness the song started with... Nonetheless, it will grow on you.

7) Human (Featuring Johnny Lang) 4/5
I was not too keen on this track. Johnny Lang was a bit weird, and would perhaps prefer if it was just Rachael. However, the track has started to grow on me, and I don't mind the male part quite so much... but I think she should've got her fiancé (soon to be husband) Brendan to sing with her!!!

TRACKS TO LOVE: Avalanche, Loving You
TRACKS TO AVOID: Mr Somebody Else

The album as a whole has differed from her previous stuff both lyrically and stylistically. This EP focuses mainly on love and relationships, and she presents this in a more upbeat, pop and 'R n B' way. The lyrics, however, are still very meaningful but less Christ centred.

I bought this album EP immediately having heard Avalanche, which in my opinion is the best song on the whole thing, as is immensely addictive and catchy. I would advise that you but Avalanche and Loving You only, as the others just don't shine or even come close to being the "best of Lampa".

Check out Avalanche:

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  1. I'm sorry but this is not the Rachael Lampa that made me a fan of hers. Her style is not the same and the message is not one that reaches the soul. Rachael, please go back to your roots!


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