Monday, 1 February 2010

Come Dine With Me

One afternoon, after a bit of channel surfing, I stumbled upon this show called Come Dine With Me... and basically the simple premise is that four or five contestants each take turns to host a dinner party for each other and then rate the overall experience out of 10, and the person with the highest score gets £1000 at the end of the week.

Each programme is half an hour in length and features one person's dinner party, so to watch all four or five, it will take a total of two hours to two and a half hours (it shows all on Saturday). The only time I have managed to do this is when I was doing art over the weekend, which meant I could sit and view them all in one go. However, luckily for us, the show is shown every day at 5.30pm on Channel 4...

What I like in the show is how every contestant seems to think they will win (well a large majority anyway) only to find themselves in jeopardy whilst preparing their meal. EVERYONE seems to encounter some sort of problem which makes it very funny. To top it all off, the voiceover is also perhaps what makes the show. The witty and sarcastic things he says... just makes this show very hilarious.

Not only are the kitchen disasters a point of humour in the show, but the things said at the dinner table, the manners and treatment of each other, the backstabbing etc... What's more, there seems to be some unwritten law that means the dinner guests can go snooping around the hosts' bedroom to uncover the contents of their drawers?! Whilst this does make the show slightly more interesting with what they find and all that, it's a bit odd that most guests do that. In real life, I'm sure none of your guests would do that! Unless you're in Desperate Housewives or something like that...

Anyway, apart from all that entertainment, you can actually pick up the recipes that are made on the Channel Four website which is nice. Most of the time, the cooking does end up looking quite scrumptious, and you wish you could try some too!

Overall, the show is a cooking competition. Add the dinner party invites, kitchen disasters, backstabbing and gossip, plus a hilarious voiceover and you have "Come Dine With Me". I would recommend this to everyone really, although I'm not sure everyone would like this... so just try it and see. Personally, I cannot see myself religiously watching this. It makes good background television, and can conjure a few smirks here or there, but nothing more.

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