Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Britney Spears as of 2010

What do you think of when you hear of the name Britney Spears? Ten Years ago, that name would only be associated with how great a singer she is, the talent she showed at such a young age and a list of No 1 hits. Today, people spew all sorts of junk about her- how she has mental problems, she needs help, she's fake, her music is crap and the like.

Who one person is, is not summed up by an action or a phase they go through, but their entirety. Britney Spears' career rocketed at a young age, with Baby One More Time reaching No 1 in 70 countries, and successively a long list of hits: Stronger, Oops I Did it Again, Everytime and Toxic. No one could fault her pop prowess at this time. She was one of the top selling pop female artists ON EARTH, so what happened?

After a string of break ups, marriages, custody battles and images of her all over the media, people started to question who this girl really is? What drove her to shave all her hair off? Why did she marry him and why did she go out with that person? She was no longer recognised for the music she was famous for, but instead turned into the everyday celebrity where people only took an interest in her personal life.

I personally think that this phase of her life is perhaps the most important for her. This phase changed her character, made her stronger, and opened her eyes to the world. She saw that she was controlled, and being pushed in so many directions, and in a sense manipulated for her musical talent. Her "breakdown" meant that she really knew who she was and what people around her wanted, and she no longer allowed people to take advantage of her, seeking help and comfort from those who mean the most to her.

Whilst I urge people not to judge her for her actions, I do believe what she did was in a way excessive, and unnecessary. I also blame the media and paparazzi not only for portraying her in a light THEY wanted in order to get more money, as well as causing her distress and fuelling her mental chaos.

In the midst of such ordeal, Britney was made to record and release and album called Blackout, featuring all electro pop tunes, and performing at the MTV awards. Whilst at the time I was extremely excited for her "supposed" come back, her music at this point was a flop. She wasn't ready, and she just didn't do it with her heart, and you could tell. Perhaps she too wanted to get away from her life and relaunch the career that she once had, but she wasn't prepared.

Near the time of her release of Circus, her sixth studio album, Britney filmed a documentary called Britney Spears: For the Record, which is a very personal and genuine documentary about what she wanted to say about herself. Despite all the media we saw, this documentary was her way of releasing what she wanted to say. I think she is extremely brave for doing it, and reveals her humanity. She too is human you know- she has feelings and emotions just as everyone of us do!

Circus was a hit. Many of the songs on there are upbeat pop tracks, and whilst many people will say they are written for her, and she's just singing them, she did have a lot of creative input. If you watch any of her behind the scenes footage for her videos, she does give her opinion and creative input on the choreography.

Whilst you would think all is restored to order, many now criticise her for her lip-synching on her Circus Tour. I personally think it would be better off for her NOT to lip synch, but it isn't right to push her if she isn't ready. You can't expect someone to go from learning to walk again to sprinting the 100m and winning a gold medal. She has to practise and train and slowly gain the confidence again. I also cannot stress how many people DO lip synch, and honestly, would you rather have a fantastic performance lip-synched, or an average performance, not very good singing? Because her circus tour is supposedly fantastic. She might not be singing, but she is dancing, and she is performing.

I don't believe she will be lip synching forever, but it will take time. For now, let's appreciate the stunning performer we have in front of us, and embrace her musical artistry, for no one can deny that she doesn't have talent. She might not be your cup of coffee, but that doesn't mean she isn't good! She has a long list of awards to prove it!

To sum up; Britney, despite her breakdown phase, has come through to produce yet another chart topping album, Circus. There will be many who continue to criticise her for whatever reason, but her musical CV is outstanding with many No 1 hits and singles. She is sure to WOW in the future I patiently wait to see what she brings, as there are rumours of a Lady Gaga and Britney collaboration, which sounds really exciting for both of them.

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