Thursday, 21 January 2010

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 12 Recap

This has been one funny episode. The ep started with this arc showing Justin practising for his audition into some famous actresses' class... anyway, some hilarious expressions from Betty and Hilda as he chucks the plate.

Betty moved back to her apartment, and upon seeing the news of an old woman dying alone in her apartment, got really paranoid and decided to hold a karaoke party in her apartment.

Betty undergoes a string of wrongdoings and makes her neighbours pretty mad with her, including letting burglars into the apartment... After such mishaps, she expected no one to turn up, and instead promises Marc to help him with his project which could get him a senior fashion editor position at Mode... but nonetheless people came to her party... and Betty had to do both and just burn out... once Marc's project was finished... Betty goes and sings crazily...

...and there's a blackout... and the most hilarious line delivered by Amanda (amongst the haunting music): "Oh my God, Betty's voice brought darkness to the land."

The electric door Betty had installed meant they were locked in and Marc could not leave to deliver his project! In the end, Betty breaks the lock open with Bobby's help etc etc.

On the Danhimina side, they are both fighting to get Marc to be their assistant, and Amanda decides to intrude and ends up setting them up with a couples counsellor. Notice Amanda's amazing hair... she is like getting a new hair style every episode :P

After a quick session, Daniel is told that Willhemina is revealing body language that means she wants to have sex with him, and he grabs an opportunity during the blackout... and kisses her.

Willhemina takes this badly and whacks Daniel in the face. This was absolutely hilarious as her expression says it all.

Anyway, blackout over, and Marc does get the job, but as a junior fashion editor, so on same level as Betty really... I guess this is a nice move... Marc, Betty and Amanda are a funny trio, and definitely lots more opportunities for humour now they're all bundled up in one apartment!!

However, the episode ended with some sad news, Hilda lost her baby!! I was like "Nooo!!" but I guess it WOULD be awkward to have another Suarez baby. Justin DID manage to get into his class which is good I guess...

Anyway, awesome dress sense from our three musketeers and Willhemina.

We have not seen Claire for two episodes and no mention of her adopted son. AND I noticed Daniel's slow decrease in screen time. Seriously, he is like hardly in it, and he seems to have a very insignificant role now that Betty is no longer his assistant. AND AND when are they going to work on a fashion spread again? It seems to focus too heavily on things outside Mode this ep, like perhaps go back to the Betty problems for completing a shoot or something.

Nonetheless, this was definitely a great ep, with an awesome script.

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