Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

Ugly Betty has been taking a break over the Christmas hols... and rumours are that she will have her braces removed in January... and to start this first episode after the break with this -->

... was completely hilarious... and only to find that she DOESN'T get her braces removed (as of yet anyway) was a bit of a shock. I was just waiting for Dr Farkus to take them out!!! Anyway, this episode mainly focuses on Betty and Matt and how they are spending all their time together... 24/7 every day... and then Betty's head gets stuck in the life door (which made me laugh out loud!)

Amanda with another cool hair do!

Marc's one night stand Troy (Matt Newton - Becki Newton's real life brother) returns to Mode... and tensions arise as Marc does not want a relationship...

Amanda finds a lone shoe (crazy she is!) and follows it to find...

Willhemina!! Wow... this scene was so crazy... Willhemina is like the devil, temptation temptation temptation... and Amanda succumbs... (for an accessory! ><)

In order to get Matt to be more passionate about other things, Betty decided to put Matt's work into a gallery, but had no idea his work consisted of... BETTY!

The paintings are ridiculously funny and they're so monstrous... haha...!! I wonder if they're in an actual gallery now, or sold or something... it would be cool to own a crazy Betty painting.

Hilda accidentally spills the beans on her baby with Bobbie...

And Claire finally gains the courage to push out Hartley and gain control of Mode again, as well as pushing out that Creative Director, and restoring Willhemina to power... and Matt leaves Mode to pursue something else...

Now I wonder...

- When Betty WILL have her braces off
- When Claire and Hartley's son will have a more vital role (apparently he does)
- Will Willhemina return to her motive to take over the company??
- Who will be Willhemina'a assistant?

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