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Rachael Lampa- Rachael Lampa

Rachael Lampa is a Dove Award Winning Christian Singer. This is her fourth album.

The design of the CD cover is extremely elegant and is the best album cover to date. It is a simple yet classy design and the font used is also majestic. However, does it reflect the quality of the songs within? Find out.

The album contains 11 tracks.

1) All This Time 4.5/5
The album starts off sounding VERY up tempo with a slight rock beat. The song is catchy and exciting to listen to. However, as good as it gets, it does sound slightly generic, and isn't something you could listen to forever. It does not have the timeless quality of some of her other tracks.

2) Rubberhouse 2.5/5
Another catchy and rhythmic track with a more "R n B" feel, but the lyrics doesn't really match this genre and sounds a bit awkward. I really don't like this song, especially in this slot, in THIS album. It IS catchy, but again, not as good as what is already out in the "R n B" market. I definitely think she needs to revisit her first album tunes!

3) Outrageous 3.5/5
Again, the song has a very strong backing beat, but used in a much more delicate way. This song shows that Rachael CAN be a strong singer in this genre. Still, it's definitely not my favourite, and it's quite forgettable.

4) No Other One 5/5
Just when I thought I'd have to give up listening to this album, Rachael shoves this awesome song into the album. It is a slow yet exquisite song and is one of the few that are on this album.

5) When I Fall 5/5
This song is another catchy one, but again, much more delicate. This is another one of my favourite songs from this album. Rachael shows off her powerful voice and this is a very strong song.

6) Being Alive 4/5
The song starts off with an upbeat tempo but is the quickly covered with an awkward yet funky trombone like sound. The chorus is really interesting and catchy and sounds a bit like Kelly Clarkson, but the verse is just really off putting. In no way does it show off her vocals. However, it IS a fun song to listen to.

7) You Never Know 5/5
Another great song. It is slow to start with and increases in tempo and dynamics. Beautifully crafted and emotional.

8) Good Life 3.5/5
We return back to the type of sound we heard at the beginning of the album- upbeat but nothing special. It's upbeat and happy-making in a way, but not always have the mood for it. At times it sounds a bit cheesy. It is awkwardly placed as songs on either side of this are way better!

9) Honest 4/5
This is yet another exciting song which is catchy but done well. With this, you can listen to it in almost any mood. The lyrics are also heartfelt and genuine.

10) Art 5/5
There is a nice, smooth transition into some slower songs. The song is a very simple and majestic one. Rachael does an amazing job and manages to show off her vocals. This is one of my favourite songs on the album and reminds me a bit of something sung by Delta Goodrem. I love the dynamics of the song and the control Rachael has over it. Simply put, this is just beautifully sung.

11) Room 3.5/5
I appreciate the continuation of slow songs as a nice way to round off the album, but personally, when compared to art, this is nothing.

TRACKS TO LOVE: No Other One, Art, When I fall, You Never Know.
TRACKS TO AVOID: Rubberhouse

Compared to her previous albums, this is a mixed bag. It feels slightly messy at times and the up tempo songs on here are only average. There ARE about 3/4 songs that are STUNNING (Art, When I fall etc) BUT then there are a couple that just aren't really her style and it is these songs that bring this album down. Don't get me wrong, a majority of these songs are listenable, but it's those bad few that I think could have been better.

I would recommend you download the really good ones from here instead of buying the whole thing.

EDIT: This album actually contains some of her BEST songs, but as a whole album, the weaker tracks just bring it down, namely RUBBERHOUSE!

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