Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bomberman 2 DS

This is my latest DS gaming endeavor... only relaxing gameplay and easy to just pick up and play... although it can be addictive!!

The basic concept of game play is that you are a bomberman and you place bombs in each level, in which to blow up boxes (to reveal power ups or power downs) and to attack enemies and set off traps etc...

Game play is split into two modes: Mission and Battle

This is the mainly single player game mode where you advance levels in different areas, and face challenges. There are over 50 levels for you to complete, and after every five, there is a boss battle.

Each level also may contain hidden parts which you can find to upgrade your bomberman for specific power-ups.

I found this single player section much more comprehensive than the first game, and much more fun. The body parts you can pick up also add another level of strategy to game play and the high number of levels also poses a challenge. The difficulty in this game is much more varied than the first on the DS (I completed that VERY quickly).

This is the mode where it is basically free play. You choose from 1-20 boards (some slippery, some speedy etc) and pit yourself against up to 8 computer players or friends (will come onto later) and try to win by being the last one alive... and in doing so, score points or trophies to win!

Compared to the previous Bomberman game, this one has most of the power-ups but no detonator bomb which was one of my favourite, although it does make game play easier...

This has been greatly improved. In Battle Mode, not only can you play with friends with only one game card via wireless play, you can connect to Wi-fi and play with people all over the world. This feature is fantastic as it does not lag at all.

In Missions, you can also play a Versus mode with people who also have the game, and pit yourself against them in a number of different playing boards. This multiplayer option is more comprehensive and you can have more options but it does require the other people to have the game as well.

The graphics has not improved since the first game, and in Battle Mode, they even re-use the winning screen (pretty much identical). However, these kinds of games does not really require a very high graphics function it is the game play that counts.

The sounds are also similar to the first game, although it does fit in and personally does not annoy me, but sometimes I would prefer to have the sound turned off.

Bomberman 2 is a much needed improvement to the previous version on the DS, and answers all the gamers' prayers from the first game. It now has a "non-lagging" Wi-fi capability and a much improved Single player feature with a range of levels to challenge gamers.

For Bomberman fans out there, this is a game to get. Whilst it does not contain many mini-games found in the Bomberman Land Touch series, the classic battle mode is pretty much perfect in this edition, especially in the increase of interactive levels such as the escape, skull escape and star game boards.

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