Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 9 RECAP

This episode is one of the best of this season so far... and within minutes, we get an injection of style from Betty, Willhemina and Amanda.

Betty gets a bit carried away with thinking of the future with Matt, and then someone at the bus stop thinks Betty is pregnant and offers him his seat... leading Betty to her crazed imagination again.

She goes to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy test, shortly after which HILDA goes as well... and they play hide and seek in the store when they spot their father Ignacio... This was hilarious... I was sure for one second Betty would knock over the rack of BE-SHURE pregnancy tests!

At home, the girls fight to use the bathroom and end up mixing up the pregnancy tests... Hilda going into the bathroom picked one of them up which said "Positive", dropped it again, and binned the other... whilst Betty goes in and finds the "Positive" one on the floor and thinks she's pregnant.

Hilda and Betty realise their mistake and rush to the bathroom at dinner knowing one of them is "POSITIVE", whilst the other "NEGATIVE"... but whose pregnant and whose not!? Meanwhile, Matt rushes in to see Betty with the test, and jumps to conclusions...

In the end, Hilda is pregnant, and NOT with Archie's baby!! Most likely with Bobbie, and Archie and Hilda separate... such a clean break up, no mess LOL! Archie's a good guy, just a bit boring and I knew they wouldn't work out.

On Daniel's side, he relies on the FBI to track down the money, but is unsuccessful... Willhemina visits the prison every day to get her "afternoon delight", and schemes with Connor to get her position at Mode back..

Cal is too power hungry and Daniel decides to push him out, in which he promises to reinstate Willhemina if she gets the money from Connor...

Other side storylines include Claire tracking her son down, which could develop into something bigger... we can only wait and see!

But this episode was so funny... and cannot wait for the next one!!!

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