Saturday, 5 December 2009

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 8 RECAP (THE BAHAMAS EPISODE!!)

This episode saw the Mode crew head to the Bahamas for their swimwear shoot. There was one place left, and Matt chose Amanda to go with him instead of Betty. (The swimwear Amanda was wearing was just so funky!)

But then Willhemina asked Betty to go to help her with the shoot, giving Marc a vacation. Justin, knowing Shakira was going to be there, asked Betty to sign his "My Life With Shakira" scrapbook- so funny!

Willhemina dressed to impress, whilst Betty... is just Betty... that lime green and pink patterned combo... blinding!

Betty and Amanda "race" for Matt...

Although Betty won, she let Amanda be with Matt as Amanda had "real" feelings for Matt, but after their first proper date, Amanda forced Matt to admit he still loves Betty etc etc...

Whilst enjoying herself in a private beach, Willhemina is reunited with the (we thought dead) Connor... with a "James-Bondesque" style.

And it seems like EVERYONE was having sex; there's more sex this episode than the SEX ISSUE last season! =.=

Of course it never lasts, someone "tipped" the police off about Connor and he gets arrested... hmm...

I was shocked to see Amanda and Daniel get together!! Whaaaat!!!

And was this a mistake? Hmm... it's Hilda this time thats stuck between to men... what is with the Suarez sisters!

And of course with Shakira in the episode, the initial models they were going to use HAD to disappear, and instead, feature Shakira...

The stunning revelation at the end was a shocker... I DID NOT see this coming, and it was like D:

Basically, Marc is going to be Daniel's assistant instead of Willhemina's!!! WOW...

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